Adult film star Mareike Fox drives a tuned Nissan GT-R by Prior Design [w/video]

Article by Christian A., on November 1, 2016

Mareike Fox is a celebrated personality in the adult entertainment industry. While some of her contemporaries are happy sharing to the world their selfies, Fox is in a different world altogether. This 25-year old blond is well-known in certain circles for her passion when it comes to fast cars. Car enthusiasts are likely to be envious once they learn that Fox not only drives, but in fact owns a Nissan GT-R.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R in particular was released to the European market in September of this year. This model is powered by the twin-turbo 3.8-liter engine with an output of 562 hp (570 PS) and peak torque of 470 lb.-ft. (637 Nm). What is unique about this engine is that it was handcrafted from beginning to end by a single Takumi, which is Japanese for master craftsman. What sets this new GT-R apart from the rest is that it comes equipped with the 20-inch forged aluminum NISMO Racing Black wheels fitted with special tires and also comes with a wider front bumper. In addition, each of the special GT-R will have the distinct carbon fiber 'Track Edition' badge placed on the dashboard. Under the body, one can see the Bilstein Damptronic bespoke suspension which has lightweight anti-roll bars and a configuration tuned for racing.

In terms of the interior, the actual specifications will differ depending on the market. But models to be released in Germany will have as standard Recaro seats that are carbon-backed with a carbon spoiler in the rear as option. For both the France and UK markets meanwhile, the carbon spoiler is fitted as standard as well as the red and black Recaro seats. Available as an option are the carbon-backed seats and the carbon boot lid.

In the case of Fox though, she knew that she would not be satisfied with the standard features and turned to Prior Design for some tuning. The first change was done on the twin-turbocharged V6 engine which now offers output at 750 horsepower. Another change Prior Design did was to install the widebody PD750 aerodynamic kit which adds in unique bumpers to both the front end and the rear section. The kit also includes putting in large side skirts, wide fender flares, and a diffuser in the rear. Overall, the visual upgrades alone cost at least €10,000, or around $11,000. Note that this does not include the custom wheels that envelop the tires or the actual installation.

In addition, Prior Design shared that the tuned version utilizes a Duraflex-Fiberglass mix. What makes this material different is how excellent the surface finish can be given that it has the needed flexibility and is combined with high stability. This ensures that painting can be inexpensive and easy at the same time. Since the wheels themselves are made by the tuner, they have been set-up in a 3-piece format to give the vehicle more complexity. For those who want to learn more about Fox and her passion for fast cars, just visit her official website.

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