Stunning Alfa Romeo 6C Disco Volante Concept rendered

Article by Christian A., on April 24, 2017

Another automotive designer has once again made a great effort to stand out in this ever-changing motoring world. Like always, rendering artists typically get their inspirations from the most infrequently tapped sources--- as we can see with this latest interpretation of an Alfa Romeo supercar.

It was roughly a couple of months back when we featured Alex Imnadze’s surreal Apple Eve Concept. The Italian artist has also penned his own version of the Porsche 918 Spyder only recently. If any, Imnadze’s stunning creation brings about a brand new perspective, while keeping the vehicle’s traditional “performance characteristics” an integral part of his modern interpretation.

Imnadze’s concept, which goes by the name Alfa Romeo 6C Disco Volante, has a good starting point unbeknownst to all. First, the automotive designer derived its genes from two famous bloodlines-- the 1952 Disco Volante by Touring Superleggera and the Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 sports car that took off in Milan in 1925. Nevertheless, Imnadze came out with such an impressive interpretation of the two legends— by making it into one spectacular masterpiece.

Owing a bit of glamour from its sporting history, the artist from Torino Italy further highlighted the 6C Disco Volante’s rear end, sidewalls and hood design ---while the sports car’s prominent front and rear wings, hood scoops and rear diffuser remain visible at every angle.

To some, the 6C Disco Volante may look like a cross between an Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato and a Toyota FT-1 model. The 6C concept’s cockpit also features the familiar tapered windshield with matching small windows on both sides. All the same, there are no specific details or exact technical specs available since the 6C is merely a concept out of the drawing board.

Ideally this type of supercar should come equipped with an engine similar to those you can find in a Ferrari or a Maserati—both are managed by the FCA Group (an Italian-operated multinational firm which is also Alfa Romeo’s parent company).

Otherwise, we can also consider the Stelvio SUV’s engine or the Giulia Quadrifoglio’s 505 hp 2.9-liter twin turbo V6 to be hiding under its hood. The sedan has an output of 505hp and 444 lb-ft of torque that can take off from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds before reaching a peak of 191mph.

A Vanquish Zagato Volante on the other hand is capable of up to 405hp and runs from 0-60 miles per hour in only 4.2 seconds. These powerful specs as we know, fit very well into this two-door concept.


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