Amalgam Collection is offering an accurate mini replica of new McLaren Senna

Article by Christian A., on July 25, 2018

The McLaren Senna is indeed an attractive proposition from the British carmaker. While its £750,000 tag price and limited production run of just 499 examples makes this new Ultimate Series very hard to acquire, it is quite possible to have a Senna displayed in a fan’s house or room. This is by availing of highly detailed McLaren Senna scale models from Amalgam Collection.

At first glance of the image of Amalgam’s McLaren Senna, it would be easy to mistake this as the actual supercar. But once the actual replica is seen, reality strikes that this is just a 1:8 scale model. It is so detailed that the Senna mini replica could easily deceive and stun anyone who looks at it. From the front end, the cabin, the flanks, side mirrors, the wheels to its rear section, rear fascia and massive rear spoiler, the miniature Senna looks very much the same as the original model – except for the size.

As a 1:8 replica, it means that every centimeter (or any unit of scale) of the miniature McLaren Senna corresponds to around 8 cm (or any applicable unit) of the full-scale model. The original Senna has a length of 4,744, while the 1:8 replica measures at 600 mm. To achieve the dimensions and stunning appearance of the replica, Amalgam Collection employed CAD (computer assisted design) data sourced from none other than McLaren Automotive. To ensure that the mini Senna accurately represents the full-scale original supercar, McLaren engineers and designers had the replica completely undergo a full vetting process.

Each of Amalgam Collection’s McLaren Senna scale model is made from polyurethane prototyping resin, stainless steel, and metal (pewter) components. The finishes for each Amalgam Senna scale model is derived from original manufacturer’s specified paints. Each replica takes 300 hours to build by hand.

The McLaren Senna by Amalgam Collection is available in three versions: Limited Edition, Bespoke and Bespoke Plus. The Limited Edition version – available for $8,184 – boasts of the same spec, finish and looks as the full-scale Senna that McLaren unveiled. It is finished in a signature McLaren Orange color with a number of exposed carbon fiber accents. Furthermore, the Limited Edition version of the replica has gunmetal-finished wheels as well as blue brake calipers.

Meanwhile, the Bespoke trim allows the customer to specify the paint finish and the color of the interior upholstery. Likewise, the style of the wheels and color of the calipers can be personalized according to the customer’s whims. The Bespoke version of the McLaren Senna by Amalgam Collection is priced at $9,384.

On the other hand, the Bespoke Plus trim allows a client to fully customize his or her McLaren Senna scale model. Everything from the exterior to the interior – including color finishes, upholstery and wheels – are done according to the preferences of the client, as long as he or she has $10,584 to spare.

Source: Amalgam

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