Automotive designer from Italy creates Apple Eve sports car concept

Article by Christian A., on February 26, 2017

It doesn’t matter how much people want it to happen; it’s still unlikely that we’ll soon see a vehicle from Apple. It is because as far as Apple is concern, creating its own car is not within its radar anymore. But what if the company did proceed with its plans to build its own Apple Car?

Alex Imnadze -- a visual artist specializing in automotive and industrial design from Turin, Italy – has created his own rendition of a would-have-been car from Apple. This rendition was published in Imnadze’s account in Behance, a Web site that allows artist to showcase their creative works.

Imnadze is calling this car the Apple Eve Concept. This moniker could have been picked simply because this car is supposed to be an electric vehicle (EV). Likewise, this moniker could be symbolic and refers to a Biblical event – when the first woman Eve took a bite from the forbidden fruit, which is commonly believed to be an Apple. It could be a play on the fact that Apple’s logo has a bite on it.

While there have several rendering works made of the Apple Car, Imnadze’s Apple Eve Concept is simply stunning. It does feature a design that is mesmerizing yet achievable, promptly reflecting Apple’s styling approach -- futuristic, minimalistic and pure. The design of this two-door sports coupe concept exudes the “form follow function” principle, as its shape boasts of a number of similarities to the sports cars on the road today. Nonetheless, Apple Eve Concept -- just like the looks of the tech giant’s current offerings from iPhone to Mac books – features a smooth, curvy yet clean body design bereft of annoying lines and unnecessary accents.

At first glance, you may think that the Apple Eve Concept has no headlights. But that isn’t true. The lighting system of this sports coupe concept comes in the form of a sleek light strip located on the very nose of the vehicle. A broader yet still sleek light strip can be found on the rear, serving as the taillights. By its looks, the Apple Eve Concept seemed to be an actual electric sports car, with the electric drivetrain installed on the rear end powering the rear wheels.

Too bad, Apple isn’t into car manufacturing anymore. There were many reasons for the cancellation of the so-called Project Titan. Its leadership had been changed too often, resulting to a glaring indecisiveness to how the program should develop further. However, this won’t be the end for Apple in its automotive business, as the tech giant has refocused its efforts into creating software for autonomous vehicles.

As for the Apple Eve Concept, other carmakers may take a look at this stunning work and make it come true. Of course, it won’t be named Apple anymore.


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