French artist Adrien Fuinel renders Aston Martin RR supercar concept

Article by Christian A., on February 12, 2017

Soon, Aston Martin will be mesmerizing us with the follow-up to its Vulcan track-focused supercar – the AM-RB 001, a hypercar jointly developed by the British carmaker and Red Bull. The Vulcan and the AM-RB 001 are a duo of super performance cars from Aston Martin that impresses as a splendid work of art and a product of advanced engineering.

However, there is an automotive designer from Lyon, France who thinks that a third super performance car should be added to the duo – making up a new holy trinity for McLaren. This designer – named Adrien Fuinel – has created a visual rendition of the new (but not official) supercar from Aston Martin, the Aston Martin RR supercar concept. This rendition was then uploaded into his account at Behance, a Web site that allows for showcasing and discovering creative works.

At first look, you wouldn’t believe that the RR supercar concept is an Aston Martin. Well, that could be because -- aside from the front end and a ground clearance derived from the Vulcan and a few styling cues -- the curves and the body work of the RR supercar concept are not typical of an Aston Martin. But since this is a concept, maybe we can forgive Fuinel for that.

Overall, the design of RR supercar concept could be described as a fusion between the Aston Martin Vulcan and the AM-RB 001. With only 24 examples made, the Aston Martin Vulcan features a design that hints on the looks of the carmaker’s future cars. But since the Vulcan is for the track only, there is no chance you would see them on the road. Looking at its very small ground clearance, the Vulcan would be a pain when taken to the road. On the other hand, the AM-RB 001 is street-legal. This means you might be able to see one of them hitting the streets. Aston Martin and Red Bull are still finalizing its overall design, but we could expect that it should be close to the one shown last year.

But since the design of the Aston Martin RR supercar concept is somewhat of a deviation, there is a chance it might be mistaken for another brand. Wrapped in high gloss black finish, the Aston Martin RR supercar concept could be mistaken for a sleeker and more solid version of the Pagani Huayra supercar. If not for the differences in the front end, headlights and the body work, Adrien Fuinel’s Aston Martin RR supercar concept could be just a Pagani Huayra superimposed with Vulcan’s design cues.

Nonetheless, the Aston Martin RR supercar concept rendered by Adrien Fuinel is an splendid and elegant work of art that is not impossible to be realized.


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