Aston Martin warns Valkyrie buyers not to sell their reservation slots

Article by Christian A., on July 7, 2017

Not many people got a chance to own one of the limited-run Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar. And if you are one of the few lucky ones, Andy Palmer of Aston Martin has a message to give you, and you better take him seriously.

On July 5th, Andy Palmer posted on Twitter making it clear that Valkyrie buyers should not even attempt to sell their build spot for some extra money, as these people will lose the car, and will be banned. And it doesn’t end there, as they never be able to get another special vehicle. He made it clear that they will be able to identify those who tries to flip their reservation slots. Andy Palmer wrote this as a response to a certain @woodsypedia on Twitter with regards to the proposed built slot seen on PistonHeads Classifieds.

This action by Palmer was triggered when a listing by a seller named Knight International cited an “Aston Martin Valkyrie 2019 Build Slot”. On the website, you will find “Price on Request”. However, the tweet that Palmer responded to shows a £9,999,999 ($12.9 million) price tag. How insane is that.

Having said that, you can never avoid those people who hoard limited edition things in order to sell them for double or triple its original price. In fact, some of them might not be real fans or enthusiasts and they just want to make some extra cash. This is truly unfair for those who really deserve to get one and the ones that collect cars because they actually want them.

Not only will they have to buy the car for an incredibly high price, but these will technically be second hand cars by the time it gets to them. So the company decided to put a stop to this and will impose zero-tolerance towards greedy resellers.

This is indeed a good way for the company to react, so people would learn how to respect the company’s efforts in building and delivering exotic cars like the Valkyrie.

But as one of the 150 few buyers all over the world, why would you throw away your chance to own the sought-after Aston Martin Valkyrie? The 1,130 horsepower (842 kilowatts) hypercar will have a hybrid powertrain, and most of the power comes from the aspirated 6.5-liter Cosworth V12. What more can you ask for?

The Valkyrie, set to be delivered to its customers in 2019, will be limited to 150 examples only. Each will only have an estimated weight of 2,270 pounds (1,030 kilograms). That gives it a power to weight ratio better than one horsepower per kilogram.


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