Audi Atom Concept rendering seems to preview a future GT

Article by Christian A., on October 26, 2017

Just a month ago, Audi unveiled one of its latest studies -- the new Audi Aicon Concept car -- at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show to show how the carmaker visualizes the future of autonomous vehicles. That concept looked so promising, especially when we take into consideration that it was supposed to be a fully self-driving luxury vehicle in which a ferried passenger just has to sit back, relax and wait for his or her arrival at a preset destination.

Now, here comes the Audi Atom, a concept that also visualizes the future. It looks so promising that it appears like it was a preview for the Audi R8 of the future. There is one big exception, though. This Atom isn’t from Audi. In fact, Audi didn’t even design this Atom. Actually, this Audi Concept Atom is a rendering created by a Russian graphic artist named Konstantin Pankratov who shared this work on online professional sharing site Behance.

Sadly though, Pankratov didn’t provide any detail or description of the Audi Concept Atom. However, we could make assumptions just by looking at this rendered creation. The appearance of this Audi Atom is definitely assertive. However, it isn’t aggressive enough to be regarded as a supercar or a hypercar. Usually, design studies or concept are heavily aggressive and boasts of extra-dramatic designs. If this Audi Atom previews a future Audi hypercar, it should have very forceful appearance. But as we said, this Atom doesn’t have that particular look.

But we do think it’s possible that the Audi Concept Atom could be giving us a glimpse of the future of grand touring, judging from its size. Yes, it could a GT concept but with a twist. First of all, this design study couldn’t be powered by a conventional power unit. At best, the Audi Concept Atom is an electric GT. The absence of the open grille up front on its nose suggests that it doesn’t require cooling air. After all, as an electric GT, the Audi Concept Atom gets its propulsion power from electric motors, which don’t require much cooling up front.

Just like the new Audi Aicon, this Audi Atom could be powered by four electric motors driving each wheel, resulting to an electronically controlled, variable quattro all-wheel drive. The Aicon boasts of a total system power of 260 kW (349 hp) of output and 550 Nm (405.7 lb.-ft.) of torque. Its energy comes from a battery pack that allows an all-electric range of between 700 km and 800 km.

Remarkable features of Pankratov’s Audi Concept Atom include its sharp headlight much positioned on the sides, where it seemingly merges with flared fenders. It looks like it doesn’t have side mirrors, but the sleek protrusions on the doors could be mounts for cameras. In addition, this Audi Atom features a panoramic windshield and large wheels as well as seemingly floating rear lights.

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