Futuristic Audi Q4 E-Tron concept from Lorenzo Mariotti looks promising

Article by Christian A., on July 31, 2017

Audi has been hard at work as it is kicking off a new breed of SUVs, just like the E-Tron Sportback that made its debut earlier and is set for production in 2019. The Sportback looks sleeker and sexier than the standard E-Tron that will come out next year. But these developments give rise to artists who would like to reimagine a model and explore the possibilities. Now, Lorenzo Mariotti used his Autodesk skills to design something that got inspiration from the E-Tron models - a Q4 E-Tron Concept. The concept combined high tech elements with the electric coupe concept that sits on massive wheels.

From the outside, it has a long wheelbase with shorter front and rear overhangs. This design can be very functional as it maximizes the interior space of the SUV. The front fascia introduces a new single frame grille complemented with slim laser LED headlights. The design gives it a sleeker, more modern representation of Audi's SUVs. However, the Q4 E-Tron is currently going to remain in the virtual world.

What makes it even more futuristic is the fact that the design, like the E-Tron Sportback and Q8 concept, does not incorporate conventional door handles for a seamless side profile. The side mirrors and cameras had also been taken out to make it look totally sleek. But how would you see what's behind you? What will replace these that can provide the same functions? The answer lies in future technologies.

By simply touching a certain part of the B-pillars, or with a remote, the front and rear doors will automatically open, which explains the lack of visible door handles. Moving onto the rear end, the SUV gets a discreet spoiler that has been mounted on the roof. It has a continuous LED brake light which accentuates the rear’s width, not to mention the bulging bumper.

Some people would not consider the Q4 E-Tron an SUV. But instead, it’s a hatchback that has been given more height. However, these are just photos, and the Q4 might actually have an adjustable air suspension that we do not know of, which is what gives it height, and consequently a more generous ground clearance whenever things get tricky.

In other news, Audi has officially announced that the production model of the actual Q4 SUV will be out in dealerships in 2019, being the more stylish sibling of the Q3 and as part of the growing line-up of the company’s SUVs, besides the Q6 and the Q8. It has already been confirmed that the Q4 line up will feature a plug-in petrol-electric E-Tron model, apart from the range topping RS Q4 model. The five-seater SUV will rival the Rang Rover Evoque and the BMW X2.

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