Mo Aoun creates rendering of extreme off-road vehicle inspired by the Audi R8

Article by Christian A., on August 4, 2017

How would an Audi R8 look like when it is transformed into an extreme off-road vehicle? Essentially, that would mean fitting the Audi R8 with a number of off-road features and equipment, including massive wheels, frontal protection, fog lights and wider fenders. But imagining an off-road version of the Audi R8 isn’t the easiest thing to do; it’s good that a visual designer named Mo Aoun saved us the trouble.

Transforming the Audi R8 into an off-road specialist may seem far-fetched. However, such an idea isn’t really new as there were already a number of renderings that transformed sports cars and luxury coupes into off-road vehicles. Likewise, the idea of rendering an Audi R8 into something else isn’t entirely new for Mo Aoun, as this visual designer already has a wide portfolio of renderings. In fact, MoAoun could be remembered for rendering a Mercedes G-Class, a Tesla Model X and Rolls-Royce Ghost.

As for the off-road rendering of Audi R8, it looks like a confident unit ready to take part in the Baja 1000 race. The Audi R8 off-roader – wrapped in a scarlet-like color finish -- boasts of having twice the overall height of a typical R8, thanks to its giant tires and its suspension system – all attributes of an off-road vehicle. This suspension system – as well as the massive tires -- was also responsible for giving this Audi R8 off-roader a huge ground clearance.

To accommodate the large tires, the wheel wells were also expanded. The wheel arches – both on the front and rear -- were appointed with black claddings, which serve as a protective layer while underscoring the rough and tough nature of the Audi R8 off-roader.

This Audi R8 off-roader is also clad in a number of protective features – from the front end, to the sides and over the roof. We also assume that protective elements are also found on the rear end as well as underneath this Audi R8 off-roader.

Completing the looks of the Audi R8 off-roader are extra lights necessary for an off-the-road adventure. These include the six fog lights (three on each side) mounted on the front grille protector as well as the LED (light emitting diode) bar mounted on the roof guard.

In any case, this Audi R8 off-roader won’t be a possibility. However, there could be a performance SUV from Audi in the near future. Audi had hinted that it might launch an RS version of the Q8 SUV in the short term by unveiling the Audi Q8 Sport Concept earlier this year. The belief that there is an impending introduction of the Audi RS Q8 was boosted after records at the European Union Intellectual Property Office showed that the German premium carmaker has applied to trademark the name “RS Q8.”

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