Automobili Amos Delta Futurista is a reborn Lancia Delta Integrale with heavy modifications

Article by Christian A., on September 6, 2018

Finally, someone thought and succeeded in reviving back to life one of the legends of rallying -- the Lancia Delta Integrale. This comes months after another rallying icon – the Lancia Stratos -- was resurrected by Manifattura Automobili Torino from the skeletons of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Now, Automobili Amos is introducing the heavily reworked Lancia Delta Futurista.

The Lancia Delta Futurista is derived from a 1989 Lancia Delta Integrale. Eugenio Amos and his company Automobili Amos embarked on a project to create a car that is “pure, analogic, raw, and essential,” in contrast to today’s vehicles that heavily employ computer.

Amos’ pet project employs the chassis of the 1989 Lancia Delta Integrale as the base. From there, the company worked to make the Delta Futurista stay faithful Lancia heritage in terms of overall. While keeping in line with Lancia’s iconic looks, the Delta Futurista has nearly everything updated. Amos called Delta Futurista as his “romantic vision,” as he has been in deep adoration with the original model since he was just seven years old.

Interestingly, the Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Futurista can be considered as a true Italian project. It was designed by BorromeodeSilva in Milan and engineering by Podium Advanced Technologies in Turin. Its engine internal mechanics was done by Autotecnica Motori while its electrical systems were taken care of Magneti Marelli Motorsport. In addition, its brakes were sourced from Brembo and custom wheels were supplied by EvoCorse. Moreover, its upholstery was done by Aras in Turin.

Wrapped in green finish, the Automobili Delta Futurista features a front fascia, bonnet, engine cover and front bumper made from carbon fiber, and so are its rear spoiler, trunk, and rear bumper. By employing carbon fiber on these parts, Automobili Amos was able to make the Lancia Delta Futurista as light as possible, tipping the scales at only 1,250 kg (2,755 lbs).

Automobili Amos Delta Futurista is powered by a heavily overhauled engine of the original Delta Integrale. This engine now features custom water cooling system, air intake as well as exhaust. It differential and main shaft were rebuilt while its original transmission was reinforced. These modifications allowed the engine to deliver 330 bhp of max output, which is more powerful that what many current hot hatches can offer.

Insider, the Automobili Delta Futurista is fitted with Recaro front seats, bespoke door panels aluminum pedals, with original rear seats wrapped in new upholstery. The Delta Futurista also features a modified steering wheel with built-in controls and a carbon transmission tunnel.

Automobili Amos is planning to offer only 20 conversions, with each Automobili Delta Futurista costing around €300,000 (around $347,000). There has been a rumor that Rob Dickinson, founder of Singer Vehicle Design, has already ordered one from Automobili Amos.

Source: Automobili Amos

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