Aznom Automotive Atulux turns this Ram 1500 into a personal cafe

Article by Christian A., on June 22, 2018

Nowadays, building luxurious pickup trucks isn’t unusual for automakers. One prime example is the Ford F-150 Limited that costs $62,000. But now, we welcome the arrival of the Atulux, short for All Terrain Utility Luxury by Italian automaker Aznom Automotive. For instance, the previous generation Ram 1500 pickup was converted into an opulent SUV. Though the SUV only fits two passengers in the back, they are surrounded with a posh cabin and they get a Nespresso coffee machine and a milk frother that rises from the center console, making it perfect for those who are addicted to caffeine.

Measuring nearly six meters (19.6 feet) long, the Atuluz still looks the same except that it has almost doubled in size. The extra room allowed the company to install an additional sunroof as well as a more accommodating passenger compartment. To keep it looking like a Ram 1500, Atulux maintains a lot of its design cues like the crosshair grille. At the back, the company fits a tiny truck that boasts a look similar to the recent Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept.

Mechanically, the SUV keeps the Ram’s original 5.7 liter V8 that gives an output of 396 horsepower (295 kilowatts) here. When converting, Aznom reinforces the frame and installs bigger brakes, alongside eight piston calipers in front. An air suspension also provides a supple ride, and additional sound proofing to give the passengers peace and silence.

Passengers of the Atulux will be sitting inside a cabin filled with full grain Nubuck leather upholsters, as well as the roof, while sections of the Alcantara provide another texture to the interior. It also has a nautical-inspired center console that is constructed out of steamed bleached oak. In the rear, there is a refrigerator that hides in the armrest between the seats where you can store cold milk for your coffee, or a couple of champagne bottles. There’s also a spot in the console that holds two crystal whiskey decanters. Long distance drives will never be boring as the Atulux is equipped with an Xbox One with the 17 inch LED displays mounted to the roof, together with a 10-speaker stereo with 1200 watts. Check out the video here to see how the on-board coffeemaker works.

In Europe, ultra luxurious vehicles that had been modified like this one are quite common. But oftentimes, we see models like the Mercedes Benz Sprinter as a base. Now that this Atulux Aznom example is based on a Ram 1500, the builders figure that this solution has a bit more off-road capability, which makes it perfect for braving the wilderness.

This particular modification done by Aznom has a price tag of 220,000 euros (approximately $263,130) before taxes.

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