X-Tomi Design renders BMW 8 Series as Gran Coupe, shooting brake, pickup truck

Article by Christian A., on May 31, 2017

The automotive community is now anticipating what BMW will do next after it unveiled the Concept 8 Series a few days ago at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on Lake Como in Italy as a preview of the 8 Series production model anticipated to arrive in 2018.

The resurrection of the notable badge, which is slated for next year, will have the 2-door coupe variant heading up the lineup. Nevertheless, more body styles will later join the range in the future. According to different sources, a Convertible and a Gran Coupe will see the daylight soon. But will a shooting brake be included?

It was an ecstatic few days when the German automaker unveiled the adorable 8 Series concept and afterwards someone skilled with Photoshop removed its roof to showcase an imagined convertible, one that might actually occur in real life. The person in question is now delving into the idea of other hypothetical derivatives for the sophisticated coupe by envisioning a Gran Coupe model that is made with an unexpected shooting brake and an unanticipated pickup truck. After the 8 Series concept was revealed, renderers just couldn’t resist the urge to come up with their various examples of the said concept.

Out of the 3 new renders, the Gran Coupe by X-Tomi Design is looking to be the most credible now as reports already hinted that the 8 Series lineage will be extended following the coupe's release back in 2018 with its dapper body style that is considered to be produced under the codename "G16". The render shown is closely based on the Ferrari GTC4Lusso with its rear quarter looking a tad similar.

But then, almost all shooting brakes sport the same overall design at the rear as that's what defines them from the others. Moreover, we are a tad concerned about the future plans of the 8 Series Gran Coupe due to the fact that it could overlap the 7 Series sales, but the latest tip indicated that the model has acquired the needed stamp of approval. As of now, it is best to wait for the official announcement from the German automaker.

The shooting brake render is on point with its concept as the 8 series features only 2 doors, but it is still a design exercise developed for the fun of it since the prospect of making it come to life is close to nil. It is kinda sad since it has the potential to be as hot as the coupe, with the added desirability that comes with a longer rear.

Although it is easy to conclude that the pickup truck will never see the light of the day, it can be recalled that BMW did try to toy around with the idea of producing pickups with a couple of M3s, one that is a part of the E30 gen and the other model to the more current E92 model.

However, if the German automaker will decide to spawn a pickup truck in the coming years, it would not be justifiable to utilize the 8 Series' platform, so the render by X-Tomi may just be nothing but wishful thinking.

Source: XTomi Design

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