A peek into the future: BMW M1 Shark Concept

Article by Christian A., on January 31, 2017

Rendering artist Alex Imnadze visualized a BMW far more advanced than any other concept artist has ever imagined for the German marque. What makes his BMW M1 Shark Concept special is that it was inspired by the 1970s Lancia Stratos protototype by Bertone, the BMW Gina concept and the Peugeot Onyx concept vehicle all at the same time. The result is a stunning concept study that you can bet for the Vision Next 100 or any out-of-this-world concept you could think of.

It’s hard to imagine that there will come a time when we would see this car out in the showrooms. But for now, let us unravel the mystery behind this highly futuristic beast that we won’t probably see in our lifetime.

Technically, if the BMW M1 Shark is indeed inspired by these concepts mentioned above, it should come equipped with mid-mounted engine at the rear, a hybrid surface skin, a computer mounted at the front wheel complete with AI technology and a smart rubber material for the chassis.

Bertone, who used to work with Pininfarina, had designed the eye catching Stratos Zero back in the seventies. His concept then was supposed to replace the outdated Lancia Fulvia in rally sports. The Gina Light Visionary Model meanwhile is a shape shifting concept car made with fabric skin that is translucent, water resistant, stretchable and also flexible. Its man-made fabric consists of polyurethane coated Spandex materials that are highly durable and are resistant to wear and tear. Finally, the Onyx Concept has been dubbed as the supercar of the 21st century because of its intense aerodynamics and high performance that knows no boundaries.

From the outside, we can see from the drawings how the designer is trying to make use of extremely powerful aerodynamics, a highly advanced exterior design, and possibly a wide body kit for this very unique new concept. The unusually low body stance only shows that Imnadze’s BMW M1 Shark is something that’s solely made for the race track.

With its width, it would be difficult to take it with you on any type of road. Don’t you think? But since this is so advanced, driving it will no longer be a hassle since it can park and drive on its own. Besides, who knows if it can also take off even without a pair of wings? It could be concealed anywhere, right?

Anyhow, we think the designer did a great job. After all, we now live in a time where anything we thought was impossible could be made possible. With a little bit of inspiration, the right technology and proper execution, we could get there, albeit one step at a time. From all indications, this BMW M1 Shark would be a model that’s worth waiting for.

Source: Alex Imnadze

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