BMW X7 SUV rendered as a luxurious pickup truck by X-Tomi

Article by Christian A., on October 31, 2018

Mercedes-Benz commenced production of the X-Class pickup truck (2018 model year) in 2017, thereby entering the luxury pickup segment. Many expected BMW to follow suit, but until now the German premium carmaker remains unmoved for calls to make its own pickup truck. Thus, seeing a BMW pickup even in concept form would be a farfetched idea; but not with X-Tomi.

An automotive graphic designer who has released a number of amazing automotive renditions, X-Tomi has delved into a more interesting project in the guise of a BMW X7 pickup truck. All X-Tomi needed to do was to have an image of the newly unveiled BMW X7 sports utility vehicle, chopped off its rear end, and added a bed. This sounds simple, but the entire rendition process is really complicated. In the end, X-Tomi proved that a BMW pickup –as derived from an X7 SUV – does look elegant and utilitarian.

Nonetheless, X-Tomi’s rendition of a BMW X7 pickup is all hypothetical as the German luxury carmaker recently confirmed that it has no plans to go compete with Mercedes in the luxury pickup segment. Likewise, a new pickup derived from the X7 would mean it would be underpinned by a body-on-frame chassis that usually serves as the platform for pickups.

Earlier this, the chief executive officer of BMW Australia, Marc Werner, told Car Advice in an interview that there is a real demand for pickups in a number of global markets, like Australia, South East Asia and Africa, as well as South America. He had remarked that BMW simply cannot ignore such demand, especially when chief rival Mercedes has entered the segment. He disclosed that BMW Australia has already taken the matter up with the main headquarters.

Despite Werner’s remarks, BMW won't bulge. Just recently, Klaus Frolich, board member for BMW Development, told Australian journalists that he himself believes that a BMW pickup won't make a good business case. He remarked that there is a focus on medium price points in the pickup truck market, especially in Germany. But when the price point goes higher, sales would be very low. As such, a BMW pickup wouldn’t be profitable.

He noted that BMW only has two architectures, and each of these wouldn’t lead to a proper pickup truck. BMW employs a monocoque platform, but this would only compromise the working ability of a dual-cab pickup. Nonetheless, BMW has been focused on deliver driving dynamics, which only a monocoque platform can deliver.

Overall, Frohlich remarked that there is no evidence that BMW can have a good proposition with a pickup truck. That would be good news for Mercedes. In March, Mercedes unveiled the X350d 4Matic X-Class at the Geneva Motor Show, as powered by a turbodiesel 3.0-liter V6 engine delivering a max output of 258 hp (190 kW) and a peak torque measured of 406 lb.-ft. (550 Nm).

Source: X-Tomi

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