Auto dealer in Germany has a very tempting offer for Bugatti Chiron buyers

Article by Christian A., on April 7, 2017

A visit to Auto Serendin in Stuttgart Germany may be a matter of choice, but to some, having to wait another year for a brand new Bugatti Chiron is a test for patience. Or maybe not. Okay, so the German auto dealer’s asking price comes between $3.2 million to 3.8 million USD. That’s about 3.57 million euros compared to Bugatti’s 2.4-million-euro original price tag. What’s the deal?

Well, if you order this new Chiron at this dealership, instead of waiting 2 years for the delivery, it has been reduced to 1 year. Apparently, that’s just the icing on the cake. The best part of course, is all the goodies it will be receiving courtesy of Auto Serendin.

To make it really worth the price, the German dealer will be throwing in several premium upgrades on the stock Chiron model. The optional configuration includes a €50,000 wheel set with French Racing Blue accents amounting to €7,500 plus an additional €2,500 for the diamond cut finish. Clients who want a black-painted brake calipers should be more than willing to fork out an extra €2,500 to have it done. Not bad, huh.

The Chiron-dealer is also offering a carbon engine cover that costs €15,000 including a rear-wing underside in French Racing Blue finish for an additional €5,000. And if ever the customer wants to have it across the horseshoe grille, he needs to drop another €6,000. Think that’s enough? Well, there’s a lot more.

For those who want their wing mirrors to have the same carbon-look in turquoise shade, all it takes is a little extra €8,000 and it’s good to go. For the interior, the dealer will be asking for €50,000 for the carbon fiber trims and leather as well as another €25,000 for the Comfort seats.

Based on the descriptions, the door entry will come with a visible carbon fibre finish while the carpet will come in Gris Rafale. In all, the leather pieces on the interior will feature the same French Racing Blue theme particularly for the headrest’s embroidery, the seat’s stitching as well as on the quilted patterns. The seat belt meanwhile will feature Bugatti’s signature Light Blue Sport color.

Considering all these upgrades would cost a client an additional 172,000 euros against Bugatti’s stock price of 2.4 million, all the same, we think this Bugatti Chiron in French Racing Blue is a true winner. Not only will you get it a year earlier than those who placed their orders straight from Molsheim, the blue and white theme also adds more X-Factor to the vehicle.


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