Peisert Design unveils own version of Bugatti SUV – dubbed the Megalon

Article by Christian A., on January 20, 2017

For the past few years, the automotive world has been dominated by SUVs. Low-end brands to ultra-luxury carmakers have included an SUV in their lineup. Nonetheless, there are some exotic carmakers that have yet to get caught in this obsession – one of which is Automobiles Ettore Bugatti.

What if Bugatti decides to offer an SUV? Of course, plenty of motorists – whether Bugatti owners or not – to see the French performance carmaker build and sell an exotic SUV. It has been building supercars since it was revived, but perhaps it wouldn’t be impossible to see Bugatti build a super-SUV in the far -- if not near -- future. It would not be surprising if some visual designers do get the idea of rendering an image of a Bugatti SUV.

Jan Peisert of Peisert Design was creative enough to draw up an SUV that features the design language of the Bugatti brand – resulting to an SUV known as the Bugatti Megalon. Of course, this moniker was given by Peisert.

Overall, the Bugatti Megalon looks like a beefed-up Bugatti Chiron that has been raised several centimeters sans its sloping rear hood. Honestly, it really looked like a Bugatti Chiron superimposed on another SUV. Peisert Design grabbed an image of a Bentley Bentayga cruising on a desert, and began gluing various design elements from Bugatti.

Some of these design elements include the Bugatti horseshoe grille as flanked with the eight-eyed front end – a styling we could see on the Bugatti Chiron. Moreover, the Megalon features the so-called "Bugatti line," which is basically the C-bar on the side that is usually employed as a design element in the cabin. After some retouches and refinements, Peisert was able to create the Bugatti Megalon.

According to Peisert, the Bugatti Megalon features gullwing doors in the back. Likewise, it is powered by a W16 engine that is mounted in the back.

The Bugatti Megalon SUV looks interesting. However, the question would be if Bugatti be able get out of its super sports cars box and join Aston Martin, Maserati, and Lamborghini in the melee to build and offer exotic SUVs.

We couldn’t answer that for now. However, history tells us that Bugatti – starting from the original company – wasn’t only about cars. Aside from building cars and racers, Bugatti – led by founder Ettore Bugatti – also got itself concerned with airplanes and trains. These are completely different realms from cars, but Bugatti did become involved with wings and rails. Given this history, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bugatti suddenly reveals that an SUV is on the way. Moreover, building SUVs would be a good business case for Bugatti, given that these utilities are predicted to be in high demand several years from now.

Source: Peisert Design

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