Bugatti is adamant it won’t produce SUVs but this rendering makes us want it even more

Article by Christian A., on January 24, 2018

Supercar makers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus, at some point, have already stated that they would produce SUVs. While McLaren has not joined the bandwagon, it likely won’t be holding out for long if it wants to make loads of money like the rest of them. But there is another automaker that has not been mentioned a lot in this discussion of SUVs, and that is Bugatti.

For the longest time, Bugatti denied the idea of creating both a sedan and an SUV. One reason is that it is difficult to imagine an SUV with the same performance DNA found in models like the Veyron and Chiron. However, there is one artist that threw caution to the wind and imagined a Bugatti SUV that bears some Chiron design elements. Aksyonov Nikita is that artist. His rendering of the French performance SUV looks amazing and actually looks ready for the year 2020.

These photos were first published by the artist on his Behance page, before it circulated around the internet. He is also known for rendering a lot of other cool cars like a Porsche 918 Spyder among others.

The SUV highlights Bugatti’s signature grille, the Chiron styled headlights with a unique LED accent, two lower vents, and a sloping hood that finishes off the overall look. Surprisingly, the Bugatti style looks good as an SUV. As you can see in the images provided, the SUV gets the same set of wheels from the Chiron.

When looking at it from behind, the SUV gets a signature Bugatti-inspired light bar that extends from one end to another, where the Bugatti logo is found within the light fixture, located right below the rear window. There is also a set of huge exhaust tips that can be found directly in the center of the diffuser.

Since this is just a rendering, the artist obviously did not give it a powertrain. But we would imagine this SUV to have a lot of power when produced. Bugatti would utilize this SUV with a smaller turbocharged engine to give it all the power it can. We expect this SUV to have a pretty nifty and stylish interior as well.

If a Bugatti SUV does get produced, do you think that it will look a lot like this? And imagine how much horsepower it will have, not to mention the luxurious features it could offer. While looking at this rendering, it makes us truly yearn for a real life crossover from the famed brand.

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