Canadian driver gets CAD$149 ticket from police officers for singing while driving

Article by Christian A., on October 27, 2017

Singing while driving isn’t typically seen as offensive but it recently merited a traffic ticket from police officers in Canada. The driver, who goes by the name of Taoufik Moalla, was apprehended for allegedly “screaming.”

Sometimes, driving could be a lot more enjoyable when in-vehicle entertainment like music gets into the equation. When passengers or drivers hear their favorite song, they may get carried away by the tune and belt out some notes. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence in everyday driving, whether in city driving or long trips.

But in the case of Moalla, a favourite hobby turned into a traffic violation. As reported by CTV News Montreal, Moalla was driving to a store and was singing along to the tune of C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). As he recounted, he was singing when he suddenly heard a police siren coming from behind.

At first, Moalla thought the police officers were just in a hurry to pass him – perhaps to respond to a police incident up hared. However, the police officers suddenly spoke through the loud speaker and urged Moalla to pull over. The four officers disembarked from the police car and approached Moalla. Then, the officers asked him if he was screaming and Moalla replied that he was just singing. Then the police officers checked Moalla’s driving license and vehicle registration. After a while, the officers returned and issued Moalla with a CAD$149 ($117 USD) ticket for screaming.

As expected, Moalla was dumbfounded with the ticket. He told CTV News that while he understands that those police officers were just doing their job, he never expected they would give him a ticket for what happened. He insisted that he wasn't singing too loudly and is currently contesting the ticket.

However, Moalla’s wife isn't sympathizing with him, in particular with the way he sings. The wife reportedly agreed with the ticket, and even suggested to raise the amount from just CAD$149 to CAD$300 ($237 USD).

Interestingly, there are many angles from where Moalla’s case could be looked at. In Moalla’s case, he might have been too engrossed with his own version of carpool karaoke that he failed to notice that his singing voice was already too loud. That is why he was ticketed for screaming.

On the other hand, Moalla might really have a bad singing voice, as implied by his wife’s comments. It was so bad that even police officers from afar have mistaken his singing for screaming. He might have belting out some high notes of the song – so high and so bad that it became noise.

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