Confiscated Ferrari 458 Spider is transformed into police car in Milan

Article by Christian A., on April 5, 2017

To those who are planning to commit a crime Milan and are relying on a getaway car, better think twice. The Milan Police now have a Ferrari 458 Spider in their garage. With its estimated 320 kmh top speed, escape would be a remote possibility. That’s how we want it to go in our imaginations but actually, this car will be used for educating the public.

The police in Milan are happy folks now -- a confiscated Ferrari 458 Spider was seized from a mobster in an organized crime pursuit in September of 2016, and recently reassigned to Milan's ghisa (a local term for police) by a court responsible for allocating seized goods for public use. The local police force and national brigade can request to keep the seized goods taken from the mafia.

Lucky guys. According to the local agency, they have confiscated around 29 other cars and 3 motorcycles from mobsters located in the city. But local police force commander Antonio Barbato cleared the issues surrounding the acquisition of the supercar and remarked that the public won’t see the Ferrari shred the roads accelerating straight to 200 kmh in less than 10.8 seconds in Corso Buenos Aires.

The elite supercar will instead be utilized in programs of education with regards to legality. The police force addresses around 55,000 kids per year to educate them about civic duty and traffic. Displaying the supercar is meant to show kids that crime does not pay, and that the state will not think twice about seizing materials associated with criminal activities, reiterated Barbato. But they will have to be careful on how will they relay their message because it may sound enticing to the youngsters who could get ideas that a mobster can acquire obtain heaps of cash and buy a Ferrari.

The local police force paid around £53.67 for the cost of registration, a small amount to pay for a really dashing supercar. The iconic red, green and white color scheme and the special police equipment like the blue lights and sirens were contributed by a body shop located in Caronno, Varese province. Ferrari company was the one who processed the legally- required inspection with no cost whatsoever. The turnover of the sports car was held in Milan during the week's festival celebrating assets seized from organised crime syndicates.

Italy's national Polizia Stradale has recently legally secured a Lamborghini Huracan, which performs just as well as the Ferrari 458 Spider. The Huracan is being used to transport blood and organs for transplant. A refrigerated area in the front keeps the organs readily cold and the V10 engine can enable it to weave through traffic in no time.

But nothing can beat the collection of envy-inducing supercars that Dubai has allotted for its police force. The Emirate's assembly includes rare supercars like the Aston Martin One-77 and a Bugatti Veyron.


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