Ukrainian design student envisions a more modern take on the DeLorean DMC-12

Article by Christian A., on February 1, 2017

Soon, around 300 new DeLorean DMC-12 sports cars will be seeing their new owners. They will be the exact copy of the DMC-12 sports car -- produced between 1981 and 1983 – that surged to its now iconic status thanks to its starring role in the “Back to the Future” franchise.

While the DeLorean Motor Company – a different company from the defunct carmaker of the same name – is busy preparing for the production of the DMC-12 sports car, Yevheniy Bratchyk -- a young design student from Kiev, Ukraine -- has published online his own vision of a modern DMC-12. This vision is dubbed as the DMC-21 and it features a number of similarities with the original DMC-12.

Let’s not forget that the new DMC-12s are actually replicas to be built by an unrelated company also named DeLorean. This company got sued by John DeLorean’s widow for illegally licensing their family name. However, the new Delorean company reached a settlement in 2015 to use the name, trademark and images in the future. Thanks to a Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act passed in 2015, the new DeLorean company could reproduce the DMC-12 in very low volumes in the United States.

However, this same federal law allows only for the production of the exact replica of models older than 25 years old (that includes the original DMC-12). This means that the new DeLorean company cannot produce a different version of the DMC-12. However, while the new DMC-12 is tagged for the 2017 model year, it doesn’t really look it belongs to the modern age.

Here comes Bratchyk and his DMC-21 concept. The premise for this concept is that the original DeLoren Motor Company has been revived (not just licensed) after 30 years of neglect. The DMC-21 would be a new car that doesn’t supersede the DMC-12, but instead pays a tribute to the iconic model while writing a new chapter on the carmaker’s history. Thus, the DMC-21 would be a stylistic reminder of the DMC-12 while keeping up with modern automotive design.

According to Bratchyk, the DMC-21 is an all-electric two-seater coupe with a fastback styling. Of course, this conceptual model features the gull wing doors that are also the main attribute of the DMC-12 sports car. Moreover, it features body proportions similar to the DMC-12. However, the DMC-21 looks more futuristic than the “Back to the Future” car. Its metal texture and the use of tinting glass in body color convey a sense of solidity and integrity.

Its body is made from composite materials and features side vents for cooling the brake disks. It features a horizontal grille that stretches across the full width of the front end. Interestingly, the laser headlights of the DMC-21 are concealed under this grille. Another futuristic element of the DMC-21 is a rear wing with an adjustable angle of attack that is affected by the sports car’s speed or acceleration. An active rear diffuser is also provided.

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