Eric Clapton’s 1991 Ferrari F40 could be yours for $1.1 million

Article by Christian A., on January 25, 2017

Who knew after more than twenty-five years, the F40 would still be one of the best Ferraris of all time. Out of all the 1,300+ examples built around 1987 to 1991, one of them belongs to the great guitarist/musician/performer.

Legendary singer and songwriter Eric Clapton once bought a Ferrari F40 and it is now on sale at GVE London. For the record, Clapton sold his Ferrari F40 in 2003, which means he’s no longer the current owner of the said vehicle now on sale. Nevertheless, the supercar can be bought for a fairly reasonable price of just £925,000 (more or less 1.1 million USD). We think this is a great buy given the fact that the 1991 Ferrari F40 already has about 6,800 total mileage.

According to the listing, the current owner carries a complete record of services including its MOT history. In Great Britain, the MOT test is conducted yearly to ensure the car is safe, road worthy and has passed the emission testing requirements. As a matter of fact, it was also stated there that the vehicle had undergone a fuel system refresh in 2008. That means, Eric Clapton’s former Ferrari F40 is still in tip top shape after all these years.

Also, Clapton’s legendary Prancing horse still comes with its original tool kit and owner’s manual. Just like the rest of the Ferrari F40 1991 model, his Ferrari is powered by a 471hp, 2,936 cc F120A twin turbo V8 stock engine mated to a manual transmission.

It may not be entirely as good as new, but this particular F40 will prove to be more enjoyable and worth to have than any other cars on sale. But just in case this isn’t to your liking, GVE London has other legendary supercars including the Ferrari Testarossa from the hit TV soap Miami Vice and also Magnum PI’s iconic Ferrari 308 GTS.

If we ever try to look back on some of its history, you’d be surprised to know that the same Ferrari was the first production car to go beyond the 200 miles per hour limit. Well, partly because the F40 has a top speed of 201 miles per hour if that makes any sense. But still, that’s equivalent to running a top speed of up to 324 kilometers per hour. Not to mention, it only weighs 3,018 pounds or just about 1,369 kilograms. In short, these figures would definitely make it sound more interesting apart from the fact that it used to be Eric Clapton’s magnificent possession.

Press Release

ex-Eric Clapton Ferrari F40 on sale at GVE London

Rock and roll legend Eric Clapton once owned this stunning 1991 Ferrari F40, which is now for sale at GVE London for £925,000. Clapton, a self-confessed Ferrari collector and enthusiast, owned this, one of the most famous supercars of the 80’s, between 2000 and 2003. Having covered just 10,881 kilometres from new, this particular F40 has lead a highly pampered life.

Presented for sale with its original tools and service books, which have been stamped at regular intervals by marque specialists, it’s evident that this F40 has been cared for throughout its life. “F40s of this calibre don’t come along very often,” said GVE’s founder and managing director David Rai.

“I doubt one with such amazing provenance and low mileage will appear in the classifieds for a while, so for it to be sold at GVE is very special. “The F40 is a real poster car, and one of the most celebrated supercars of the 80’s. A modern classic that turns heads everywhere it goes, and it definitely gets a lot of attention here in the showroom. The fact it was once owned by Eric Clapton is the cherry on top!”

Owned by the previous, most recent owner for over a decade, this particular example has played a significant part in many Ferrari collections. First owned by renowned collectors, the Candrini family, who owned their own Ferrari showroom, it was then sold to a collector in the UK before finding its way to Eric Clapton.

Finished in the classic Rosso Corsa colour scheme, this later 1991 model comes with a factory-fitted catalytic converter and benefits from having had a highly advisable fuel system refresh in 2008. GVE London is also in the process of applying for this exceptional F40 to be Ferrari Classiche certified via the team in Maranello.

Just one of many amazing cars available on site, GVE London became the UK’s first full-service showroom with the addition of a five-bay detailing centre in late 2016. Situated at the heart of the 20,000 sq ft West London-based showroom also lies a servicing centre, with four ramps and six trained service technicians, many of whom have Ferrari main dealer experience. Not only a one-stop-shop for supercar after-care, the company also has a dedicated team responsible for the sales and purchasing at the showroom, specialising in Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche models.

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