Futuristic Ferrari Vision Daytona 4S GTB Shooting Brake Concept rendered

Article by Christian A., on January 19, 2017

There are many odd-looking special edition supercars that are worth all the attention. One of which is the Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 Shooting Brake. It all started when a certain architect by the name of Bob Gittleman wanted “something different” for his Ferrari Daytona. In 1972, Gittleman took his chance at a Ferrari dealership in Philadelphia and had it “rendered” into something else.

Shortly after Chinetti Garthwaite Motors penned the design, Gittleman’s Ferrari Daytona was brought to Surrey England for its complete transformation. Robert Jankel of Panther Westwinds was quite impressed as Chinetti was pretty straightforward about how he wanted his design to turn out. Chinetti asked Jankel to simply interpret what he sees from the rough draft and had not even specified anything further.

The Ferrari Daytona 365/4 Shooting Brake turned out to be one of the most amazing Daytonas ever made. Even though it looks odd, it caught the attention of the Ferrari Club of America’s Prancing Horse magazine. In fact, over the years it had been to many different places (and owners). There were also exhibits such as the Concours d’Elegance at Paleis Het Loo in Netherlands and Goodwood Festival of Speed showcasing the same peculiar Ferrari. In 2015, the Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance had it on display as well.

And today, Jason Park of South Korea created his own version of this strange-looking car. Yes, his Ferrari Vision Daytona 4S GTB is inspired by the one-off 1975 Daytona 365/4 GTB Shooting Brake. But it’s much bolder and more menacing than it has ever been before.

Jason Park’s sketches show a contemporary vision of what Chinetti Garthwaite had rendered back then. The front fascia now looks extremely dangerous, which goes well with the new enormous grille, meaner headlights and new windshield design.

Just like the original Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake, Park’s Vision Daytona 4S GTB has these massive rear features. In fact, it is the strangest element you could ever find in his drawing. The rear end goes all the way over the rear wheels as if it’s hanging in there without any support.

Upon checking some of his sketches, surprisingly the Vision Daytona 4S GTB has enough room for four passengers. At the rear, the reclining seat design is facing backwards. That means that the passengers will also have to take this same position when sitting down. But overall, Jason Park’s design is impressive and we’ve never seen anything like it before. See for yourself.

Source: Jason Park

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