Ferrari North Europe auctions off special plate ‘V12 LAF’ to benefit Henry Surtees Foundation

Article by Christian A., on November 15, 2015

Ferrari North Europe will be auctioning off the “V12 LAF” registration plate – perfect for the LaFerrari. Known to many as the ultimate car from the Prancing Horse, LaFerrari comes equipped with a 963hp hybrid drivetrain which uses the V12 engine, capable of delivering 800hp, with the rest of the 163hp coming from its KERS hybrid system.

Proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Henry Surtees Foundation. The auction will be following a sealed bidding format and will end on November 30, 2015.

John Surtees OBE shares that he had the pleasure of driving the Ferrari F12 and he experienced not just the performance and flexibility of its V12 engine but he also heard the wonderful sound.

Surtees adds that he was surprised to learn that Ferrari had decided to sell the unique number plate and donate the earnings from its sale to the Foundation.

Given that the V12 LaFerrari remains to be one of the brand’s highlights, Surtees says that only a few people will be able to enjoy driving it given its limited production. With the addition of this plate, it will make the unit even more unique than it already is.

Surtees states that both he and the Foundation hope that one of the company’s customers would follow that line of thinking and consider buying the item being auctioned. The Foundation thanks Ferrari and assures the brand that the Trustees will make good use of whatever fundswill be raised, concludes Surtees.

The Henry Surtees Foundation was founded to honour the son of John Surtees OBE, the 1964 Ferrari F1 World Champion. The main goal of the Foundation is to help people who suffered from physical injuries or brain damage due to accidents and make sure that they are able to go back to the community.

This is done through various supports like facilities and equipment. Surtees reveals that the Foundation is indeed honoured to have been chosen by Ferrari as the beneficiary for the auction.

Surtees adds that people who experienced serious head injuries need to know that the Foundation is there to help them. It has been 50 years since he drove the Il Commendatore, comments Surtees, and he believes that his son will be proud in knowing that this prestigious brand has continued their relationship with the Surtees family.

Press Release


The Henry Surtees Foundation was delighted when Ferrari North Europe recently announced a very special auction to benefit the Henry Surtees Foundation. A unique personalised registration “V12 LAF” is currently being auctioned. The personalised registration is obviously the perfect number plate for a LaFerrari, the Prancing Horse’s ultimate hypercar with a 963hp hybrid drivetrain which includes an 800hp V12 engine and an additional 163hp KERS hybrid system. The auction is currently open to the highest sealed bidder, with a closing date of the 30 November 2015.

John Surtees OBE said “I have had the pleasure of sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari F12 for the past few weeks, again enjoying the flexibility, performance and sound of sitting behind a V12. When I returned to my office I had a very pleasant surprise. Ferrari had made the very generous offer of donating the proceeds from the sale of a unique number plate, V12 LAF, to the Henry Surtees Foundation for its charitable work. The V12 LaFerrari is the pinnacle of the Ferrari range. With the limited production, very few will be able to enjoy one of these incredible cars. To put together with it a unique number like this will always make one car stand out as special. I and the Foundation look forward to someone thinking the same and buying this ‘must have’ item to put together with one of these fabulous cars.

Myself and my fellow Trustees will certainly ensure that good use is put to the funds raised. A big thank you to Ferrari for thinking of us.”

The Henry Surtees Foundation was named in honour of the son of 1964 Ferrari F1 World Champion, John Surtees OBE. Inspired by Henry, his experience, and in celebration of his life, the Foundation’s primary aim is to assist people with brain or physical injuries caused by accident to return to community living by the provision of support for equipment and facilities.

“We are truly honoured that Ferrari has chosen to donate the proceeds of this auction to the Henry Surtees Foundation. The work we are doing is absolutely critical to help save the lives and provide emergency support for those who sustain serious head injuries and I know that Henry would have been very proud to hear of Ferrari’s continued association with the Surtees family name, more than 50 years after I drove for Il Commendatore,” commented John Surtees OBE.

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