This Ferrari S2 design study looks perfect for the tracks

Article by Christian A., on January 23, 2018

Check out this Ferrari S2 Concept that none of us can get our hands on. Why, you ask? Well, because it only exists in the virtual world. It was designed with aggressive lines, together with huge wheels, and bulky fenders. Now, doesn’t that make you wish it could come to life? Just imagine how quick this car could be when doing laps.

It was designer Sachin Zakarde from Mumbai, India, who created this so called S2’s design on his Behance page, and as you can see, it has a lot of carbon fiber components - from the side skirts, the wheels and even the roof. Speaking of the design, its nose will remind you of a Formula One car, with it being a little suspended, as well as the half rear wing it has got. As for the rear wing, we don’t know the real purpose of it but it does not really take anything away from the concept’s overall aggressiveness.

What’s odd is that the design of this car may have been considered too futuristic a few years back, but in fact, this S2 Concept actually looks wilder than the LaFerrari. Wild in a good way though.

We actually think that Zakarde may have gotten some inspiration from the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta that wore a beautiful Rosso Corsa paint in Melbourne earlier this year. It was one of the LaFerrari Apertas that the Italian automaker used for promotional purposes, and was the first one to hit Australian soil. Overall, there will only be 201 examples of the Aperta that will be made for customers, and the final example was auctioned off in September for 8.3 million euros (or almost $10 million).

If this S2 Concept came to life, we can only guess what engine will be put under the hood. It should be mentioned though that the LaFerrari hardtop features a 6.3 liter V12 engine that delivers 789 horsepower.

This is even paired with an electric motor that pushes its output to 950 horsepower, enabling it to hit 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) in less than 3 seconds, before going on its top speed of 350 kilometers per hour (217 miles per hour).

If you check out Zakarde’s other works, you would be able to tell that he is a notable expert automotive designer. He has renderings of an all black Lamborghini concept that could pass as a Batmobile, as well as a BMW concept that has an unusual look with a pretty high suspension. Apart from car concepts, he also has sketches of motorbikes as well as segways.

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