Ferrari SP38 gets rendered as a Spider

Article by Christian A., on June 8, 2018

For those of you who follow news on Ferrari, we are pretty sure that you have seen the one of a kind SP38 nicknamed the “Deborah”, which simply is a 488 GTB that has gone through a number of cosmetic upgrades for it to look like a prettier coupe. But have you imagined a car like that, looking like a Spider? X-Tomi Design, and individual artist from Hungary decided to take out the car’s roof to imagine how the unique creation would look based on the 488 Spider.

The coupe’s lovely F40 inspired engine cover may be gone already, but the imaginary SP38 Spider still has everything they need to become a veritable showstopper, though there are zero chances of this to become a reality.

That’s because Ferrari has no plans of making an exact same model for another client, because the first client will probably not want a replica of his car. But instead, maybe the commissioned Deborah wants a matching Spider to go along with the Coupe. But don’t get us wrong because we are really just making up these scenarios in our minds.

Back in 2007, Ferrari’s Special Projects program allowed the Ferrari Design Center to work its magic on unique models. In fact, we have seen a number of interesting cars commissioned for the filthy rich with an affinity for the Prancing Horse. The SP38 is just one of the many examples of what the talented team has worked on in Maranello. We are also hoping for more and more of these special edition vehicles to complement the company’s regular lineup.

One day, the day will come when the forthcoming Ferrari SUV will receive the Special Projects treatment, so you cannot say that you weren’t warned. To be honest, we are actually curious to see how the FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) is going to look like and whether a bespoke version of it will help us get used to the controversial concept of a Ferrari on stilts.

It was a few months ago when Ferrari revealed the SP38. It was the one off that was built with F40 inspiration, based on the 488 GTB. The moment the special owner got the keys to his supercar at the Fiorano track, the car was put through its paces right after the reveal event. In fact, when it was revealed, the model was also displayed for the public to see at the upcoming Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este late last month.

The interesting thing is that the automaker never provided us photos of the Ferrari SP38’s interior, but they say that it has a “full Tailor Made cabin trim” to finish off the custom touches of the one off vehicle.

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