Fiat 124 Coupe rendered for our guilty pleasure

Article by Christian A., on December 5, 2016

This year, Fiat continues to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 124 Spider. However, this is not what Fiat is all about. Back in August, there were reports that the brand was planning to come out with a sports car based on the Mazda with the possibility of releasing a hardtop version by the next year. With this, that brand has revealed that it is indeed releasing the Fiat 124 Coupe, a model that some are saying is particularly apt for those who prefer a cool interior than experiencing the wind and the sun.

While the 124 Coupe utilizes the same platform as that of the Mazda MX-5, the differences lie in the various modifications done on the exterior. Of course, it is equipped with a new engine and the steering is even recalibrated. All these enhancements were made possible by RainPrisk, who gave this new variant a roof line that is lower and put in add-ons made of carbon fiber. In addition to ensuring that the suspension is sportier, the exhaust pipes are placed on the sides and the wheels have been made larger. On the front section, one can see the V8 badge which signifies that the 124 Coupe now delivers more power than the usual turbocharger 1.4-liter units.

Although the 124 Coupe will be locally manufactured, the assembly will be done at its facility in Japan.

It was during the Los Angeles Auto Show last year that Fiat revealed the 124 Spider. This model though had its beginnings half a century ago during the 1966 Turin Motor Show. Using the 124 Sedan as a platform and displaying a rear-wheel drive, the new model was given the name 124 Spider with the design work done by Pininfarina.

By 1969, the 124 Spider was again redesigned with some minor changes on the outside like the bonnet, light clusters in the rear, and alloy rims. A new engine was equipped as well. The first model had the inline-four 1.5-liter engine that had a double barrel vertical carburetor capable of delivering 90 hp and allowing for maximum speed at 106 mph. The new engine was now a 1.6-liter unit that had a pair of double barrel vertical carburetors and with the dual overhead camshaft offered output of 110 hp and maximum speed at 112 mph.

By 1972, the brand put in the 1.6-liter engine and 1.8-liter unit with the former allowing for output of 108 hp and top speed at 112 mph with the latter delivering 118 hp output and maximum speed of 115 mph. Six years later in 1978, the version of the 124 Spider received a 2-liter engine capable of 87 hp and by 1981, the model unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show had the 4-cylinder twin-shaft 2.0-liter engine with 105 hp. The last version to be released was 1983 where the turbocharged unit allowed for output at 136 hp.

It would be 30 years later when the brand would release a new model that continued to carry the 124 Spider name. However while the original model was made in-house, this new release had the same platform as that of the newly released Mazda MX-5.

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