This Fiat 500 a.k.a. Porsche 911 look-alike takes over the Internet

Article by Christian A., on August 10, 2017

The world wide web is plagued with all kinds of bizarre events and before you know it, there’s another Facebook page with a strange picture that could go viral within seconds or so. “How Not to Design a Car”, a social media hub obviously intended for the likes of the one pictured above knows how to keep things going. As expected, they posted some images of what seems to be a strange-looking Porsche 911. But wait, that’s not even a Porsche. It’s basically a customized Fiat 500 made to resemble a Porsche 911. How clever!

Who could have done such a thing? A person from Greece apparently did this quite impressive project (others consider it a catastrophe) ----possibly in the hopes of emulating the 911’s looks as close as possible, with only a tiny car at hand. The builder practically did everything he could and placed his newly designed or should we say “Porsche-inspired” rear bumper, trunk and hood on the Fiat 500. Not appearing to be satisfied with all of these, the panels around it have been replaced with new ones too.

The Fiat car in question is not even new by the way. But so is the Porsche 911 Turbo 996 generation. Though we have to admit, each one possesses an inexplicable charm that makes people like us say a lot of things, or in this case, devote an entire article on the beleaguering subject.

Since there exists a Fiat 500 that looks like a Porsche Turbo 996, you may call it a Porsche city car if you want. If you ask us, Porsche cars are actually great for daily driving. At least in some way, that makes both the Fiat 500 and Porsche 911 similar--- other than both having rear mounted engines as most of you already know. Still, the Fiat 500 we think isn’t the best choice of car for this particular style. However you look at it; a 996 Porsche 911 Turbo replica doesn’t suit the Fiat 500’s relatively small body frame.

So far, the Porsche 911 Turbo 996 is probably the least favorite of all the 911s . Its interior feels a bit old and outdated already when compared with the current infotainment systems. Even so, the 996 Turbo doesn’t lack in performance potentials and is in fact considered as extremely fast given today’s generation of new cars. All said, you most likely wouldn’t want to replicate a 996 but driving one sure is a lot of fun, right?

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