Mayweather to expand car collection with Aston Martin One-77, Pagani Huayra

Article by Christian A., on November 2, 2015

Floyd Mayweather has revealed his intention to purchase an Aston Martin One-77 and a Pagani Huayra. This acquisition is expected to almost double the current value of his collection following his planned retirement from the world professional boxing.

These two supercars have already been transported to Fusion Luxury Motors, which is where Mayweather has bought all the cars on his collection. In an interview with TMZ, Obi Okeke shared that Mayweather’s car collection is currently valued at $16 million and the world champion wants it go up to $30 million.

Okeke is well-known in many circles as Floyd’s very own “car guy.” The real difficulty, according to Okeke, is in finding distinct cars that will interest the boxer and these two cars showed up in his showroom. Okeke adds that Mayweather had long been waiting for these two and want to acquire them both.

Floyd had told him to look for something unique and these were his suggestions, concludes Okeke. The first car on the list is the Aston Martin One-77 which the brand built with the highest attention to detail and the latest technology.

Aston Martin’s meticulousness is obvious with the quality of the craftsmanship especially on the aluminium panels that have been hand rolled. Indeed, the One-77 displays the results of the brand’s experience as it manages to make this car extremely exquisite and very powerful to a level that surpasses most of the previous models.

The rather thorough development program of the One-77 is expected to start with its durability phase and performance stage. As such, the perfect stage to showcase everything that the One-77 has to offer like the exotic materials used, the advanced technology inside and the engineering that made is possible, will be the 79th Geneva Auto Salon.

This unit’s excellent power is provided through the enhanced V12 6.0-litre V12 engine, which were the ones that were equipped on Aston Martin’s other models like the DBS, DB9 and even the V12 Vantage.

The motor was built in partnership with Cosworth, the world leader when it comes to engines, the same thing it did with the chassis when it collaborated with MTC. These partnerships, according to Chris Porritt, have been more than perfect.

Porritt shared that the goal of the engine team was to determine how far the V12 engine could go in terms of reducing its weight and the power output. Aston Martin wanted to know if it was possible to make sure that the power would be at least 700bhp while reducing the mass of engine by as much as 10%.

Porritt relates that while the engineers of both Aston Martin and Cosworth have yet to finish calibrating the engine, they hope that they will be able to reach the 700bhp goal. However, Porritt adds, the team did manage to lower the mass of the engine not by 10% but even up to as high as 25%.

This is truly a good accomplishment, though it is just part of developing the One-77, Porritt concludes.

The Pagani Huayra meanwhile is a good example of how the past, present, and future, can merge in order to give it a now look when it comes to automotive art. The style of the car was the result of 5 years of work. For the course of this study, a total of eight scale models were made while two actual models were made as well.

The amazing thing was that each of the models was an improvement over the previous one; thus perfecting both its form and substance. One of the new features of the Pagani Huayra is its bi-xenon headlamps which were based on the Zonda R.

Furthermore, the daytime running lights are made of LED which has been incorporated by taking the elliptical shape into consideration. The bumper of the rear has also managed to add the diffuser into it. Its rear bumper is also dominated with an elliptical frame which also frames the four central exhaust pipes that have become a signature feature of the Pagani.

Meanwhile, its central monocoque is now composed of a carbon titanium alloy. When the study was conducted in developing the Pagani Huayra, the goal was to get the best level of rigidity by applying the technology and latest composite materials that were first done on the Zonda R.

The result of this was to have the gull wing doors cut deeply to the roof. In addition, the fuel tank of the Pagani Huayra has been placed at the back of the driver which is considered as the most protected region of the monocoque.

To increase protection, the safety cell which supports the fuel tank is made of ballistic and composite materials. CrMo subframes on its front and rear give the Pagani Huayra the needed rigidity-to-weight in order to make the suspensions function at their best while managing to integrate the latest in energy absorbing crash structure.

This combination gives the occupants inside added protection in case of an impact. Inside the Pagani Huayra is the 12 cylinder 60 degree turbocharged engine from Mercedes-AMG. With a 5980 cm3 displacement, the engine is able to meet the most rigorous of technical and quality standards as well as give it its many expressions.

While driving a GT car is all about being calm and being in harmony, the driver always has the option of unleashing its true potential which is an output of 700 horsepower and maximum torque of 1,000 Nm. Further, the turbos have been enhanced in order to generate the quickest response with even the smallest of input from the throttle.

The driver is thus able to get highest control on the engine regardless of rpm and to avoid any delays when delivering the power. Aside from the power, the engine has also been designed in order to endure even unfavourable of conditions when it comes to performance and temperature.

In fact, the Pagani Huayra has been tested on extreme temperatures going from as high as that in Death Valley to as low as those experienced in the Arctic Circle. The cylinder heads have intercoolers placed above them but in order to attain top cooling efficiency, its two lateral radiators have been placed on the front.

One of the ways to ensure maximum engine performance is in the way oil is fed to it. This is optimized through a dry sump lubrication which ensures proper oil feed even in extreme horizontal acceleration. The flow of the oil is also regulated in order to make sure that the external oil tank gives the necessary lubrication to the engine.

Since the lubricant in the engine sump is ensured to not be in excess, the friction in the engine is reduced. Another issue that is addressed in the Pagani Huayra is that of the oil and water exchange.

By having a heat exchange, the warm-up time is reduced since the engine lubricant is heated when doing a cold start. The oil/water heat exchanger also ensures that the lubricant levels and engine coolant are kept stable even during operational temperatures.

Due to the number of weight saving programs that have been implemented, it has led to simple yet very clever solutions. For example rather than have a number of connections and hoses, this has been reduced by having some of them being put in the engine.

The intercooler cover for example can also serve as its expansion tanks for the engine coolant and low temperature circuit. Finally the vertical fins can also help to cool its tanks.

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