Probe begins over $1 million worth of marijuana found in 15 new Ford Fusions

Article by Christian A., on July 20, 2017

What would you do if the car you had just purchased from the dealership came with a huge package of marijuana? Well, if you recently got yourself a Ford Fusion, you might want to check out the truck before you get yourself in trouble. This is because several Fusions have been filled with packages of marijuana. Is this the new definition of a “green” car?

According to CNN, all fifteen cars that were found with packages of weed came from the Ohio dealership, and these cars came from one location - Ford’s manufacturing plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The plant is about three hours away from Ohio and the cars have all been shipped out to the United States via train to a CSX rail yard in Ohio. These cars were then put into trucks before heading to dealerships.

The most unusual thing here is that the marijuana was not found loosely lying on the car’s trunk. Instead, they were neatly packed in half-moon shaped packages, which had been perfectly fitted in the Fusion’s spare tire wells. Now, if you are familiar with this car’s spare tire well, you would know that it contains a lot of space. Believe it or not, each marijuana package weighed 32 pounds. As there were fifteen cars found with the package, that is a lot of weed. In fact, all of it has an estimate price of about a million dollars. So whoever missed the pickup is not only in big trouble, he also owes the unknown recipient a lot of money.

So when the cars reached the Youngstown, Ohio dealership, apparently, they found the marijuana packages “gradually”. Now, we do not know what that means, but they found these in the span of five days - from July 7 to July 11. This only means one thing, someone had planted these packages somewhere between the Hermosillo plant and the Ohio dealership, and whoever was supposed to pick up the deliveries made a really big mistake.

Currently, there are no suspects yet, but the Drug Enforcement Agency has an ongoing investigation on when the packages got into the car, and where it was going to be delivered to. Ford spoke to CNN about this issue and said that they have been working with the FBI. The spokesperson also made it clear that the packages did not come from the plant in Mexico, or the shipping yards.

Ford Fusions seem to be a favourite model to be used for smuggling marijuana. In fact, there was a similar case a couple of months ago where seven cars in Minnesota had marijuana-filled packages found in the same location.


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