Pagani founder is the new owner of a Porsche 911 R and a Ferrari F12tdf

Article by Christian A., on February 9, 2017

Sounds cool. Horacio Pagani (founder of Pagani Automobili) has just added two special cars to his exclusive collection. A Ferrari F12 TDF and a Porsche 911 R. It comes as no surprise. Actually, the supercar magnate is known for having a special liking to anything exotic.

To some though, acquiring the work of their competitors may be the last thing on their minds. Pagani has been manufacturing the world’s most exclusive supercars--- the Pagani Huayra and the Zonda. However, it’s not as if this is the first time that the Modena-based manufacturer has admired and actually bought another brand outside his firm. In fact, Pagani already owns an MSO McLaren P1, a Porsche Carrera GT and a Ford GT even before he saw these two new babies.

Porsche earlier made an exclusive offer to current 918 owners for a chance to own one of the company’s limited models. The Porsche 911 R that is. As the story goes, Pagani didn’t pass up the chance and straight away, he took them up on their amazing offer. Just like the white 911 R that was shown in Geneva the previous year, Pagani’s Porsche 911 R also has those red stripes painted along the exterior.

Aside from Porsche, the Argentinian hypercar enthusiast and founder of the famous Italian manufacturing company has also acquired a Ferrari F12tdf. Yes. Pagani just ordered an F12 Tour de France Ferrari. He got the latter from the Ferrari Taylor Made Specialists and had it customized to have his name on the plate. This time, the color combination comes in burgundy red with white pinstripe accents and a gold set of wheels.

Interestingly, his two latest collections are quite the opposite of each (at least when it comes to the combination of colors). We’ve noticed that he’s more traditional with the first one (the Porsche 911 R), considering he went for the same color scheme as that of the model from last year’s auto show.

On the contrary, he went all the way for his new TDF and had it done with a mix of five or six color varieties. Taking a closer look, the Ferrari F12tdf in burgundy not only has white accents but it also has black, brown, plus of course gold and a pretty obvious carbon finish to complete the look.

We wonder which one would be his new favorite. But then, Pagani is also known for personally driving his exotic cars and not just leave them sitting at the garage. With these two new supercars already in his care, it won’t be long before we’ll catch a glimpse of him either behind the wheel of his new Ferrari F12 tdf or his Porsche 911 R.

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