HPF Design creates rendering of old-fashioned Bugatti EB110 SS merging with modern-day Veyron

Article by Christian A., on February 3, 2017

The Bugatti Veyron surely comes with a lot of surprising twists even after more than ten years have passed. Here in the picture, we have a fusion of the exotic EB110 and the current Veyron model.

HPF Design’s mashup of classic and modern styling surely looks incredible. The rendered image combines some of the most legendary styling cues of the EB110 SS with the Veyron’s body.

Did you notice the new headlamps on the French hyper car? That’s from the old-school Bugatti model. How about that smaller grille at the front, fixed rear wing, wing mirror design and sharper contours along the body?

Hmmm… It does look like the ‘90s is begging for a comeback. But in case you can’t remember, way before the Veyron made its phenomenal appearance in the automotive world, Bugatti used to have the EB110.

The exotic EB110 SS was in fact dubbed as the world’s most extreme road car. During the ‘90s, the Super Sport was the rarest of all variants. Although it is still unknown how many SS units were actually built and sold during that time.

Others claim there were about 33 to 38 units, but the Bugatti Club have so far identified only 18 rightful owners, including the legendary F1 world champion Michael Schumacher who bought the yellow 1994 EB 110 SS.

Going back to the stunning Veyron SS with a lot of EB110’s DNA, perhaps the designer has also anticipated the possible outcry of purists once this photo becomes viral on social media. Upon checking HPF Design’s Facebook page, the designer explained how he came up with this type of rendering.

It said, after coming across Seen Through Glass’ video (this is a YouTube channel by the way), the YouTuber talked about the EB110 SS as he drove his way to the post office. In short, the guy on the video is wondering how this car remains under the Veyron’s shadow. So you see, this is how HPF Design ended up with a digital mashup of a Bugatti EB110 and a Veyron SS model. At the end of the statement, the designer begged the purists not to hate.

Regardless of the generation gap between the classic EB110 and the current Bugatti Veyron model, we think every model (old and new) deserve a new twist once in a while. This holds true even if this mashup is just a product of imagination. But when it comes to performance, that’s a whole different story and so we’ll save that for another time.

Source: HPF Design

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