It’s gold or nothing for Jamie Foxx’s Bugatti Veyron

Article by Christian A., on June 13, 2017

While Bugatti doesn’t sell itself short when it comes to performance, many people know it doesn’t have enough oomph to stand out. Simply put; the French marque tends to go for subtlety, unlike other exotic hypercars with sharp edges or flashy color schemes. All the same, there is truly nothing wrong with a Veyron wrapped in gold as it is a car that costs over a million dollars.

American actor and Grammy award winning musician Jamie Foxx took to Instagram as he showed-off his newly customized Bugatti Veyron. His car, which used to be painted in a standard black and blue two-tone combination, now looks every inch an object built for those with the most expensive preferences.

Foxx opted for a gold wrap on every panel except for the horseshoe grille, door handles and center wheel caps that come with the standard chrome finish. On his post, the singer/ songwriter uploaded a photo of his gold Veyron with a caption saying; “I was feeling solid gold today when I drove in for work…”. He ended it with a Bugatti hashtag before telling more about Beat Shazam, an all-new game show he will be hosting on Fox TV.

The gold treatment may be too much for most of us but the multi-talented international artist with a net worth of $85 million is fortunate enough to have the creds to pull off such color. Jamie Foxx, or Eric Marion Bishop in real life, is not only famous for his television and movie roles but is also known in the music industry. His studio albums include Peep This (1994), Unpredictable (2005), Intuition (2008), Best Night of My Life (2010) and Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses (2015).

In 2012, Foxx starred in the film Django Unchained together with Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cristoph Waltz and Kerry Washington. His most recent movies include White House Down (as President James Sawyer) and The Amazing Spider Man 2 (as Electro).

In addition, Jamie won numerous awards both in the music and movie industries including the Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globes, MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards and the Grammys.

Foxx will be appearing in the movie “Baby Driver”, a car chasing action musical thriller directed by Edgar Wright and which also stars Ansel Elgort and Kevin Spacey. The movie is slated to come to theaters by the end of the month. In this film, he will be playing the role of the “impulsive gun slinging” accomplice of the bank robbing crew. Oh well. If Foxx’s newly customized gold Bugatti Veyron were part of the film, it would surely make a good getaway car, don’t you think?

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