SUV-hating Jeremy Clarkson ends up liking the Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Article by Christian A., on June 27, 2017

Those who know of Jeremy Clarkson would say that it’s difficult to persuade him once he has formed his opinions. In fact, that may be an understatement for many. Another thing that we know about him is that he is not a big fan of SUVs, or that genre in general, as he thinks that it is a waste of money. However, the general public doesn't seem to agree with him, and still go for SUVs. To add to that, more and more people are shifting to SUVs more than anything else.

Clarkson expressed this as he wrote on his latest article on Sunday Times: "I loathe all the current crop of so-called SUVs, except those I dislike intensely". He finds it "idiotic" driving around a car that is slower, pricier, and consumes more fuel than a saloon or an estate. This guy has so much angst.

But recently, Alfa Romeo invited the guy to head over to Tuscany to test drive the new Stelvio. Naturally, Clarkson already had a negative outlook on this, as it was an SUV made by Alfa Romeo, and even compared it to Armani deciding to make carrier bags. A weird metaphor but we get it.

But take note that it isn't just SUVs that Clarkson dislikes. He also is not into diesel based cars - and the Stelvio is a diesel. So what do we expect to hear from Clarkson, knowing that he'll be driving a diesel SUV? Most possibly a negative review or comment.

Surprisingly, he seemed to like the design of the Stelvio inside and out. And for some reason, he was pleased with his driving experience despite it being a diesel. As he took the car for an even longer drive, he had more things to say that quite surprised us. Maybe one thing he did not enjoy about it is the Giulia-derived direct steering which he felt was not tweaked specifically for the Stelvio, unlike the suspension. He described it to be too sharp.

In the end, he gave the Alfa Romeo Stelvio a review better than anyone else expected. He said that it is "the only SUV that is quite tempting". And he thinks that when the QV version with the 500 hp petrol engine comes out, then it "might even be irresistible". Now that we know what Clarkson thinks of the Stelvio, and that he was pretty impressed by it, the SUV might actually be worth drive testing for those who are considering it.

Jeremy Clarkson is an English journalist and broadcaster who specialises in automobiles. Known best as the co-host of BBC's Top Gear alongside Richard Hammond and James May - from 2002 until 2015. Apart from that, he writes for The Sunday Times, and The Sun weekly.

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