Find out what Jeremy Clarkson listed as his favorite cars this year

Article by Christian A., on September 6, 2016

Even though Jeremy Clarkson was kicked out of Top Gear for various reasons, we cannot deny that the guy has been very influential in the automotive world. He knows what he’s saying so people trust him and his reviews even when there are times when he lets his emotions get in the way. Clarkson has a reputation of being one of the best presenters for car review shows and so people give him the credit for which he is due. Aside from his shows, the presenter also has a car review column in The Sunday Times.

Just recently, he shared his top 10 favorite cars of the past year or so. Although there are some who would strongly disagree with these choices, let’s just say it’s all because Clarkson is trying his best to become a “fair and balanced” reporter. Let’s go take a quick glance at each of his picks and decide if there were models for which he had missed and if there are some questionable models on his list.

Clarkson mentions in his article that his co-presenter James May likes to call the certain sensation of driving a really good car “the fizz”. He describes it as something like a manifestation of a car’s excellence on the road through a fizzing sensation down the root of their manhood.

One of those cars that have given them the fizz is the driver favorite Ferrari 488 GTB which Clarkson compares to a comfortable, “well-fitting glove” for which he feels a deep connection with it giving him involuntary shivers. He commends Ferrari’s engineers for their exquisite work, keeping each and every ingredient in perfect harmony to create magnificent creations. He also includes the Ford Fiesta ST and BMW M2 in his list and even commends the suspension components and braking system that are installed into the car that (for him) makes these vehicles greater than they are being recognized for.

Amongst his other choices include the following: the Mazda MX-5 Miata, because of its simplicity and for having the vibe of what a sports car should be; the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe which he described as an interesting mainstream road car despite a few issues and flaws; the Mercedes-AMG GT S for the reason that it is the perfect “stupid car” for “stupid showoffs” (which most likely describes his taste for cars); the Ford Focus RS which he once owned in the early 90s and is an all-time favorite classic; and the Ford Mustang Fastback 5.0 V8 GT despite its weight which is expected for a muscle car.

While those that have been mentioned have garnered agreement from the general automotive public, there are also three of his choices that have earned raised eyebrows. The Volvo XC90 D5 AWD (Clarkson owned three of these) and the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer may not look like they fit into the list but what the heck, it’s Clarkson’s choice. Although Clarkson criticized the Lamborghini Aventador for being big and heavy and not being the best supercar to drive, he includes it in the list all because the car IS a SUPERCAR.

Some of you may not like a few, or even all, of the cars in his list but let’s just admit that the guy does have a massive following for a reason. He’s been known for being not-so-good in picking logical choices but let’s admit that it’s not at all boring.

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