Famed designer Jonsibal renders a widebody matte black Porsche 911

Article by Christian A., on December 15, 2016

Automotive designer Jonsibal has been known to work on different car shapes to make them far more interesting than anyone could’ve imagined. But who would’ve thought that a Widebody Porsche 911 was on his mind?

You’ve probably seen quite a lot of Ferraris and Lambo’s with “widebody” kits, but there aren’t as many Porsches that have been modified this far. Perhaps given the car’s already exquisite design, Porsche owners usually opt for a more subtle styling approach.

As you can see in the picture, Sibal’s bizarre take on this Porsche 911 looks undeniably awesome. Judging from the matte black finish and highly threatening rear diffuser, we think an RSR couldn’t stand a chance with this beast. Plus, it has this insanely large front and rear wheel arches, low side skirts, distinctive rear spoiler and two massive tailpipes that are enough to steal the show from any Aventador SV roadster.

Liberty Walk’s red Aventador is a classic example of how a monster has turned into a beast. If that makes any sense. The car also comes with a widebody kit, which basically resembles Sibal’s odd-looking diffuser, rear wing, side skirts, splitter, bumper, and wheel arches.

Already impressed? Here’s a bit more about the main man; Jonsibal is a car enthusiast who used to design two of his own BMW show cars. Well that’s basically how it all started. Plus, he’s also a member of Southern California’s ART-N-MOTION. But because of his talent, he’s been featured in local and international media both in print and online. Aside from being an automotive artist, he also specializes in ad and poster designs, automotive concept, body kits, livery, speculative rendering and graphics design. The rest as they say is history.

Sibal’s extraordinary skills have brought him numerous awards. He’s hailed as the winner for MSN Autos and Dodge’s “Dream, Design, Drive.” During his first years, he also won at the “SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge” as well as for designing a colleague’s body kit for the same event. A design concept for a Holden Muscle 350 has made him the champion at an AutoBlackthrough contest. DeviantArt and Scion on the other hand has also acknowledged him as the winner for its “Skin a Scion” event.

Some of Sibal’s winning designs include a BMW E90 Livery, a Privat, a VW Vortex and a Nissan GTR. Of course, these are just to name a few. The guy as we all know is a genius. Or maybe it also helps that he’s a comic book artist by trade. His inclination to the “fantasy world” of superheroes is quite evident on this black Porsche 911. Don’t you agree?

Source: Facebook.com

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