Josh Cartu treats social audience to first look at white LaFerrari Aperta

Article by Christian A., on November 7, 2016

Fans of Josh Cartu know that in addition to being a social media celebrity, he also races with celebrated Italian racing team AF Corse. However Cartu is also known for his collection of Ferraris, one of which is the Ferrari F12tdf. Recently, this entrepreneur has revealed the latest addition to his collection which is the LaFerrari Aperta in white.

This model was first unveiled by the Prancing Horse during the 2016 Paris Auto Show and Cartu is one of the few who managed to get his hands on this excellent beauty early. In terms of visuals, this version looks better compared to the ones in the promotional film and even on the model that was displayed at Paris. In addition to the white color, there is the subtle black livery where there are pinstripes which go through the bonnet’s center. This is then complemented by the wing mirrors and the wheels, both in black.

Based on the images that Cartu shared, the doors of his LaFerrari Aperta have clearly been redesigned, particularly the opening mechanism, as there is no fixed roof. As such, the doors instead open at a certain angle in a manner that is similar to the McLaren’s butterfly doors. While Ferrari has yet to officially release a price for the LaFerrari Aperta, estimates reveal that the early units, totaling 200, are expected to cost at least $2 million each. Still, considering this model’s appeal, it won’t come as a surprise that once delivery is accepted, the prices will increase significantly. Indeed, this will make the LaFerrari Aperta a strong investment.

When the Aperta was first unveiled in Paris, it was a good example of taking a flagship model and bringing it to the next level. While the roof was indeed removed, at its core it was still a LaFerrari. Speaking of the roof, the Aperta has a soft top as standard though a hardtop in carbon fiber is offered as an option.

Powering the Aperta is the same 6,262 cc V12 engine with its output at 789 hp (800 PS), paired to an electric motor that can deliver 950 hp (963 PS). In addition, to increase its efficiency, the brand made sure to optimize its powertrain control software. With regards to the beam stiffness and the torsional rigidity, the qualities are the same as those of the fixed roof version thus their performance are rather similar.

It can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in nearly 3 seconds with acceleration from 0 to 124 mph (0 to 200 km/h) possible in 7.1 seconds. Maximum speed has been clocked at 217 mph (350 km/h). What makes this version more exciting is that the different aerodynamic enhancements implemented ensure that the drag remains the same even if the side windows are positioned up or even if the roof is open.

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