$7.35 million LaFerrari Aperta is looking for new owner in Dubai

Article by Christian A., on October 4, 2017

Oh, can you say that again? There’s a “used” Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta with 0 km mileage and with a listed price of $7,349,400. Okay, so let’s just round that off to 7.35 million USD or 27 million dirhams to be exact. Too much or just right? You be the judge. While Ferrari hadn’t officially revealed the Aperta’s unit price, it’s believed each came with a $3.9 million price tag. The only problem if you’re a true fan and are loaded is that all examples were sold out even before it was officially launched. If you were one of those who didn’t make the cut, you have to bear the higher price margin set by certain dealers or former owners.

James Edition, the world’s luxury marketplace, has recently posted this LaFerrari Aperta in Rossa Corsa body pain offered by a premium seller based in Dubai. For those who missed out on obtaining the fastest open-top Ferrari ever built, you should know that the dealership in UAE is under the name of GTR Motors and is located in Al Aweer New Auto Market Block 2, Showroom Number 18.

Spec details show a 2017 year model LaFerrari Aperta with 8 cylinder engine, automatic gearbox and an all-wheel drive drivetrain. The left-hand drive cabriolet is also featuring Ferrari’s iconic red paint job with black interior. While the description said it is “used” and the odometer shows otherwise, it could only mean that its first owner had bought it for “investment” purposes.

This example, which is basically brand new and obviously in very mint condition, is one of the 209 limited-run LaFerrari Aperta models built by Ferrari. One more came in later (the 210th LaFerrari Aperta), which was built for the “Save the Children” charity. From what we heard, it fetched an impressive sum of 9.98 million USD during the auction. At least it makes the $7.35M Aperta sound more affordable and reasonable, right?

Also, there’s one thing about Ferrari. They have what they call “preferred clients” who are asked if they want to purchase the latest model. This makes their cars nearly impossible to have even if you have the “spending powers” to prove you deserve owning one. The LaFerrari Aperta is Ferrari’s latest limited edition special series model built especially for the pride of Maranello’s most esteemed and most deserving clients.

Furthermore, the Aperta’s dynamic performance is owed primarily to the hypercar’s HY-KERS system, making it the most high performing and most efficient Ferrari ever. The powertrain, which is similar that of the coupe version, is using hybrid technology coupled with an 800 CV 6262 V12 engine that comes with a 120kW (163 CV) electric motor, providing a total output of more than 960 CV. Are these amazing characteristics enough to entice you into paying over twice the actual unit price? It would be wise to think it over at least twice before you decide to part with your $7.5 million.

Source: gtr-motors.com

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