Two dead after Lamborghini crashes into wall barrier at SpeedVegas driving attraction

Article by Christian A., on February 20, 2017

Driving a Lamborghini, especially on a track, should be an exhilarating experience. At speeds of around 200 mph, a Lamborghini should be a very exciting sports car to drive. However, speed could kill.

This was recently proven when two men – both of driving age – were killed following a car crash involving a Lamborghini sports car in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be a fun track-day driving experience for a client at SpeedVegas, a track center that offers customers a way to fulfill their dreams of driving exotic cars without having to buy or lease one. But the dream for this particular customer turned into a nightmare.

This customer, a male in his 30s, availed of the Lamborghini driving experience from SpeedVegas. The track center is offering two Lamborghini driving experiences – one on a Huracan while the other is a ride on a Gallardo. The Huracan experience costs $79 per lap, with a minimum of five laps. The Gallardo experience is cheaper at $59 per lap, also with a minimum of five laps. Each of these sports cars have max speeds of around 200 mph, and crashing even at speeds of 100 mph is not a joke.

The male customer, however, was not alone. He was accompanied by a SpeedVegas instructor who is in his late 50s. According to the police, the instructor had been a long-time professional driver at the SpeedVegas course – a Formula One-inspired track that measures 1.5 miles.

Initial police investigation showed that the driver lost control of the white Lamborghini sports car, causing it to spin out. Then the sports car crashed into a barrier wall (concrete wall with tire barrier) and burst into flames. A driver passing by the SpeedVegas race track was able to record the burning Lamborghini on video and uploaded it on Twitter. The accident – which occurred at around 1:30 p.m. on February 12, 2017 – instantly killed the driver and the instructor.

Further investigation will be led and conducted by the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration as the accident was on private property. It has been classified as an industrial accident, not as a road accident.

Aaron Fessler, co-founder and chief executive of SpeedVegas, confirmed the accident in a statement. He said that SpeedVegas is fully cooperating with investigators, adding that the company is devastated by the event. Fessler also expressed sympathy to the families and friends of the two men killed in the accident.

This wasn’t the first time that someone died during a track experience. In April 2015, a driving instructor was killed following a nasty accident at the Disney World Speedway in Florida. The accident also involved a white Lamborghini.

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