Lincoln-bodied Mustang seen on Reddit looks absolutely dreadful

Article by Christian A., on October 10, 2017

In the last 20 years, Lincoln had not built coupes, nor has it made convertibles. Now the question is, what should one do when he wants a two-door coupe that looks like a Lincoln? If that ever came across your mind, you were not alone. We actually have a concrete image of how it will look, because someone built one. Unfortunately, we aren’t a big fan of how it looks.

This photo was found on Reddit, and it is of a late-model Mustang Convertible that looks a bit off. That is because it had been given an additional rear bumper, and a Lincoln Continental-style spare tire carrier. Even without a photo, you could probably already imagine how it looks, and you are probably thinking - who in their right mind would do that?

But surprisingly, this is not the first time we have seen a Mustang with the parts or the body of a Lincoln. Having said that, Lincoln’s own Mark VIII once shared its platform with the Ford Thunderbird in the mid-1990s. Similarly, its predecessor from the 1980s, the Mark VII, was based on the same Fox platform as the Mustang.

Around a decade ago, the idea of merging the Lincoln and the Mustang crossed Ford’s mind again. And the outcome was the four-door 2007 MKR concept, which never actually made it to production.

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By looking at this, you will understand that Ford shares some of the blame why Lincoln does not offer a two-door model anymore. But in this case, we have no one to blame but the owner. We would like to know what you think of it, honestly.

The Ford Mustang convertible comes with a 5.0 liter quad-cam, 32-valve V8 engine that carries out as much as 416 PS, enabling it to go on a top speed of 155 miles per hour. It features four driving modes including normal, sport, track and snow, allowing you to drive it in any season. It has a six-speed automatic gearbox that brings power to the rear wheels. With that much power, the car needs powerful Brembo six-piston front calipers.

What also comes standard are the usual connectivity, rear view camera, performance brakes and the Ford MyKey safety system. Driver assistance technologies including Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and Lane Keeping Aid are included too. Inside, there will be a 12-inch all digital instrument cluster for a superior experience.

The Mustang is indeed one of Ford’s most iconic models. Even in Europe, almost 30,000 Mustangs are already being brought into the continent. Today, the Ford Mustang comes with a £40,000 price tag.


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