Futuristic render of upcoming Lotus SUV has been revealed and it looks good

Article by Christian A., on May 11, 2017

Jean-Marc Gales, Company Chief of Lotus, previously announced that a Lotus SUV is 4-5 years away from now, same with the rest of the new range. Now a futuristic render of a Lotus SUV is in our midst, and we are hoping that the upcoming SUV will be unveiled earlier than reported.

The futuristic render of the Lotus SUV is made possible by Angelo Polo Gallardo. Despite the years it will take before the SUV will be unleashed to the public, it is still virtually impossible to predict the design of the future Lotus SUV. However it did not hinder Gallardo, who came up with his own rough sketch of the vehicle by incorporating a number of recognizable Lotus design pattern and mixed them to come up with a sporty and compact SUV that is noticeably smaller in size compared to the Audi Q2. It is also said to be sold as a 3 door SUV. B

ut beyond its windshield and side windows that are painted over, the alleged Lotus "Evolve" will sport a more aggressive shape that will be angled sharply towards a lower front end. Distinctive lines found on the doors extend up from above the front wheel arches passing the small side windows and over to the B-pillars. Other elements that are discussion-worthy are the designs of its angular headlights and taillights, its big wheel, and its distinct green and yellow pain finish.

From previous reports of the future plans of Gales who plans to rejuvenate the British Marque's line-up, we learned that an SUV is part of the plans. The reports come via Top Gear, where Gales disclosed that the first Lotus that will be unveiled in a next-gen lineage will be considered as a successor for the Lotus Elise in 2020 and will be accompanied after by a more dynamic Exige kin.

Also, a brand new Evora will complete the new line-up of sports car by the year 2022. Gales also confirmed that the up and coming models will continue to utilize an extruded aluminium tub compared to a more expensive carbon fiber tub. At this point in time, it is assumed that the next-gen Lotus' SUV will be found at the production line as a 4th mode line, with Lotus joining the ranks of Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Bentley in acknowledging the importance of an SUV and its role in heightening profitability.

The Company Chief of Lotus firmly believes that the new SUV has the potential to duplicate or even triple their expected annual sales volume of around 4,000 units, more than today's data, once the next-gen sports car will be produced early in the next decade that will be put on sale in the global markets.

All in all, the British marque will still review the model if it is fit for production. We believe that if it does get the green light, this SUV will undeniably be one of the most lightweight and sporty SUVs found in the global market.

Source: Behance.net

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