Seven Car Lounge reveals McLaren 675LT in Azzurrodino

Article by Christian A., on May 16, 2017

Seven Car Lounge has released its very own bespoke version of the McLaren 675LT. Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this dealership is known for its exotic and rare models. For this version, the company used a royal blue shade on the exterior of this supercar and then put in a yellow racing stripe having white borders as contrast.

Other features of this customized version include the use of carbon fiber on the bumper in the front, the front splitter, and the wing mirrors. Carbon fiber also dominates the rear section. On the inside, the leather comfort seats are pretty clear. There are also various carbon accents as well as blue stitching. Additionally, the paddle shifter comes in black.

The blue, yellow, and white theme brings to mind the models owned by celebrated Instagrammer Azzurrodino. In particular, Azzurrodino has Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster, Ferrari F40, and a LaFerrari, all having the same theme.

While no price has been released for this version, it is possible it will be in the range of $400,000.

Bespoke versions of McLaren models are always a treat like the one revealed by McLaren Special Operations in August 2016. Put on display during the Monterey Car Week, the customized 675LT Spider came in a Fistral Blue color. While blue is not a new color for the McLaren, this one immediately catches your attention especially during the daytime. One can safely say that the color itself is appropriate for this model’s provocative and aggressive quality.

In addition, the owner of this model wanted each element to have gloss carbon fiber. This meant that both the splitter and the fins in the front are now composed of lightweight and exotic material. The same material was used as well for the wing mirrors, rear diffuser, side air intakes, and the side skirts. In fact, the whole rear wing uses the same material as well. Even the hardtop and the rear buttresses have been treated to a carbon fiber finish. This resulted in this McLaren model being distinct. Meanwhile serving as a contrast to the blue exterior and its carbon finish are the brake calipers in light orange and the five-spoke wheels in black.

This blue and orange scheme can also be seen on the inside particularly with the blue for the air vents, gauge cluster, and switch gear, with the seat belts and stitching in orange.

The “LT” in McLaren 675LT stands for “Long Tail,” and powering this excellent model is the M838TL twin-turbocharged V8 engine capable of 666 hp with peak torque of 516 lb.-ft., and paired to a dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox. First announced by the brand in February 2015, it was officially unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show of the same year. it is the fastest car so far on the Top Gear test track with its time of 1.13.7. This is faster compared to the Pagani Huayra by 0.1 second.

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