Newly delivered McLaren Senna crashes into a wall near Munich hours after delivery

Article by Christian A., on November 12, 2018

McLaren’s most track-focused, road legal car – the McLaren Senna -- might be quick and fast. However, it remains no match for a wall, such as this one near Munich, Germany. This would be an example on how you should not drive a newly delivered Senna.

According to GT Spirit, the owner of this new McLaren Senna just took delivery of the downforce-rich sports car. The owner wasn’t named, but he was identified to be a 43-year old businessman from Grunwald, a suburb of Munich, Germany. A Facebook post by McLaren Munich said the Senna – wrapped in dark blue and black finish -- was just delivered to its new owner on October 20, 2018, a Saturday.

Perhaps too excited to test the performance limits of his 800-PS hypercar, this businessman took the McLaren Senna for a spin on the road. The hypercar didn’t fail its new owner, but its driver did fail this pricey high-performance machine. Based from the tire marks left on the road, the accident was caused by the driver losing control of his new Senna. The rear end of the hypercar might have swung out and its driver seems to completely lost control of the Senna. Then, the front end of the Senna hit the wall, sustaining some damage. The impact was strong enough to activate the airbags of the hypercar.

The accident happened just hours after its owner took delivery of the new McLaren Senna. In fact, at the time of the accident, this newly delivered Senna had less than 100 km on its odometer.

It remains unknown how much damage the Senna sustained during the accident, but hitting a hypercar that costs £750,000 into a wall just hours after it was delivered is definitely something a new owner wouldn’t want to do. Thankfully, the Senna immediately sent a signal to the dealership, which then sent it employees to recover the car from its unfortunate position.

This McLaren is one of the 500 examples of the McLaren Senna that is hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey, England. On the other hand, Senna units commissioned from MSO take longer to produce and come with a premium price. The Senna, which is part of the Ultimate Series, gets its name from legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna de Silva. It was was developed with the help of Bruno Senna, nephew of Ayrton, a three-time F1 world champion. Bruno is a professional racer piloting for Rebellion Racing in the FIA World Endurance Championshiop.

The Senna is powered by a biturbo 4.0 liter V8 engine that delivers 800 PS (789 hp) of max output and 590 lb.-ft. (800 Nm) of peak torque.

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