McLaren single-seater hypercar concept leaves us speechless

Article by Christian A., on June 6, 2017

Earlier this year, McLaren released sketches of another upcoming project which the British automaker named BP23 – short for Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats. Inspired by none other than the legendary McLaren F1, the BP23 ‘Hyper-GT’ is designed with a central driving position as well as two outboard seats. This so-called “Hyper-GT” is expected to be the most powerful and most aerodynamic McLaren that has ever set foot (or tire) on this planet. Such power and majesty come at a steep price though, which also equates to a limited production. Only 106 examples will be built with deliveries expected to start in 2019. However, these are already sold out.

For those who weren’t able to order the BP23, worry not. McLaren is quite hardworking these days, so it will follow-up with what looks like a vehicle straight from a sci-fi movie. And it looks like this single-seater hypercar is expected to deliver remarkable performance as the BP23.

The creator of this futuristic vehicle is none other than Behance designer Raleigh Haire. The car is designed to deliver the ultimate performance, allowing it to join the ranks of the British marque’s best performance vehicles and hypercars. The car is designed with a pod-like glass cabin which is also surrounded by a bodywork designed for advanced aerodynamics.

The car also features three different levels of operation – the Alpha, Delta and Ultra. Each level is suited to the driver’s preferred experience, adjusting the power output per level as well as customizing its different aerodynamic settings. And similar to the Aston Martin Valkyrie, this newly designed McLaren is also designed to incorporate underbody aerodynamics, allowing the car to stay grounded even at high speeds.

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect this car to have come from McLaren as it has very little resemblance with the British automaker’s fleet. But it does have a bit of McLaren in it. If you look closely at its front bumper and headlight configuration, you’d definitely spot the signature British marque’s design, thus allowing you to identify its roots.

As you move to its rear, you’d see that it has been configured, making it look completely alien (less of the signature McLaren design) yet incorporating a somewhat futuristic sci-fi design. You could easily point out that the rear has a completely different design cue compared to McLaren’s current production vehicles, almost fully exposed to showcase its suspension and engine components.

The released images of this BP23 protégé show it dressed in white, looking all tame until it comes to life. McLaren has yet to release more information about this car but we’re excited to learn more about it. Just by judging from its cover, we can see that this car is designed to dominate the tracks as its predecessors have. It has been rumored that this single-seater hypercar will be likely to appear a year after the release of the limited-edition BP23 hypercar. Both limited-edition models have out-of-this-world designs, adding to the value and exclusivity of the vehicle.

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