Rendering of Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar hints at road-going qualities

Article by Christian A., on March 31, 2017

Mercedes-AMG is scheduled to introduce their newest hypercar to the public, this September at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, known as Project One. This model is set to compete with Aston Martin’s Valkyrie. Sources say that Mercedes’ new project will be the fastest ever car that the company has ever produced, and is set to bring record breaking laps.

Evren Milano, CEO and Head Design at E.Milano (a firm that specializes in custom car modifications), created a rendering of the Mercedes-Benz after the company released two teasers of the ride. But the hypercar won’t look exactly like the rendering.

The teasers clarify that the model will not be having a roof scoop as well as a large rear wing. However, the front part of the rendering could be accurate as the design of the headlights are similar to a recent design study by Mercedes, and also the proportions. Milano’s work somewhat reminds us of a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion.

Project One is literally the closest road car that is built with F1 technology. Tobias Moers, boss of Mercedes-AMG says that the crank motor, the split turbo, the front axle are all electric components by F1. Even the battery cells are F1 and these are the most expensive of them all. It has a 1.6 liter engine that revs to 11,000rpm.

As of today, there has not been any confirmation of the power output of the Project One, and Moers has not given out any numbers yet. But he did say that he was not going for top speed, and is not saying that it will be the fastest road car out there. However, people are guessing that the hypercar might have a capacity of 1000 horses.

Though no figures have been announced yet, Moers has another plan - to set a Nurburgring lap time (or perhaps a record). He decides to do this as no other hypercars have done this before. With a distance of 5.148 kilometers (3.199 miles), and a total of 16 turns, the current lap record there is 1:29.468 by a Ferrari F2004 driven by Michael Schumacher.

He also adds that this hypercar is not solely focusing on track considering that a lot of its parts come from F1. And drivers won’t be needing special gas or an F1 team. Instead, Moers wants the Project One to be a car that can be used daily, and can simply be started with a push of a button.

Mercedes-AMG confirms that the Project One will be limited to only 275 units, and each one will have a price tag of €2.275 million. The model will be delivered to its first customers in 2019.


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