Peisert Design renders complete images of Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar

Article by Christian A., on January 30, 2017

The way Mercedes-AMG has been teasing everyone about its new hypercar – officially dubbed as Project One – has left many wondering how this new high-powered high-speed car from Germany would look like. Mercedes-AMG disclosed a few details on its possible performance, although it left nothing but vague sketches of the hypercar’s silhouette and rear end.

It is highly possible that we won’t be able to see the true appearance of the Project One until Mercedes-AMG officially unveil this hypercar – albeit in its near-complete form -- at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017 as part of its 50th anniversary celebration. But thanks to Jan Peisert of Peisert Design, we might be able to have an idea as to how the Project One would look once it is officially unfurled for the public.

Rendering complete images of the AMG Project One using just the leaked graphics from the performance division of Mercedes-Benz could be pretty tough work requiring heavy imagination and splendid creativity. If we take a look at AMG’s images of the Project One, we can conclude that they were more like a silhouette of the exterior of the hypercar. Converting them into a hypercar with wheels, hood, windshield and greenhouse would prove to be tough. But Peisert Design was able to.

In short video clip posted in Youtube – lasting around a minute and 23 seconds – Peisert Design detailed the changes and retouches made to transform the silhouette into the Project One with shapes and forms. Using a yellow Mercedes-AMG GT as a base, Peisert Design carved the figure of the Project One, using the image-silhouette as basis for the shape of the front end, the roof, the wheelarches and the rear end. Peisert Design carefully sculpted the possible curves, surfaces and line of the hypercar, including the positioning of the windshield and the wheels. Using the first rendered image as the base, the second render – involving the rear end of the Project One – was created using just the imagination of the visual artist.

Peisert Design’s render, however, could only satisfy our excitement as to how the Project One would look like. Only Mercedes-AMG could fulfill that excitement – by providing more teaser images as the official reveal draws near or by formally unveiling the Project One in September.

Touted by Mercedes-AMG as “probably the most fascinating two seater” that will soon hit the streets, Project One will be powered by a hybrid powertrain with the same turbocharged 1.6-liter 90-degree angle engine in the W07 car, an electric drive with three electric motors and an Energy Recovery System (ERS). AMG is expected to modify this hybrid powertrain for road use since the demands and running conditions of road and F1 cars are different.

Mercedes-AMG is expected to commence sales of the Project One sometime in 2018, with deliveries set to start in 2019. According to Mercedes-AMG chief executive Tobias Moers, the performance division would build between 200 and 300 examples, with the list of interested buyers already nearing the order limit.

Source: Peisert Design

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