Would a Project One Roadster from Mercedes-AMG work?

Article by Christian A., on October 3, 2017

After Mercedes-Benz introduced the Project One, the first street legal car with the Formula 1 powertrain, wouldn’t you wonder what an F1 version of it would look? Well, maybe getting rid of the roof will help.

We do know that F1 drivers drive cars with no roof, not yet at least. So if you are into the current design of the Project One, you will love it as a Spyder.

Now, thanks to E Milano for rendering the Project One for us. Parked on what looks like someone’s garage, the Project One looks like it is ready to hit the race track anytime.

With as much as 1,000 horsepower under its hood, can you imagine how loud this car would sound? Furthermore, the engine is the same hybrid system found in Mercedes-AMG Petronas’ W08 F1 car, but has been modified. It’s the same engine Lewis Hamilton is racing with in this season.

Whatever this rendering may be, a Spyder or a Roadster, we think that the Project One is capable of competing against the world’s roofless hyper cars such as the 918 Spyder or the Laferrari Aperta.

The Project One is probably the one car that everyone would want to own - an aggressive car that looks and sounds like a concept, but is actually going to be produced (in 2019). But of course, it comes with a whopping price tag of €2.275 million ($2.72 million).

The whole car was inspired by Mercedes’ Formula One team. The aforementioned engine enables the car to go on a top speed of over 217 miles per hour as well. Some of its design elements were made aerodynamically, such as the spine that connects to a shark fin - that also looks like the current F1 cars. However, this piece has actually been banned already for the next series.

Of course, the interior also gets design cues like that of a Formula One car. From the racing seats, to the race inspired steering wheel. All this will be combined with the right combination of features that add comfort, which race cars do not exactly have. This includes the two large digital displays, a dock for your smartphone, and air conditioning.

As for the design, the Project One gets the side profile of the Le Mans prototype racer, and it might even resemble one of McLaren’s recent track ready supercars. This is great for Mercedes, as they have not veered from their designs for a long time now.

Overall, only 275 examples of the Project One will be built and most of them, if not all, have probably been accounted for by the ultra rich enthusiasts.

What are your thoughts on the rendered AMG Project One? Should Mercedes develop a Roadster variant of it?

Source: Emilano

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