Mercedes-Maybach A-Class rendered... because why not!

Article by Christian A., on February 13, 2018

Recently, Mercedes-Benz announced that their new compact family will have at least 8 members. That’s a lot to swallow but we never really considered the A-Class would be associated with the Maybach sub brand.

But apparently, its inclusion makes sense to one artist, and that is Aksyonov Nikita. He rendered something that he calls the Mercedes Maybach A-Class. Of course, he took inspiration from no other than other Maybachs in Mercedes’ range - and by looking at his creation, all we can say is that it looks interesting.

The most obvious element in this rendering is the paint. We think that Nikita got this shade of blue from the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet Concept, except that it has a matte finish instead. Moreover, its front grille as well as the eye catching multi-spoke rims seem to also come from the same model.

Aside from those design elements, the digital interpretation of the latest A-Class gets a new front bumper, together with tweaked side skirts and a new rear bumper with a discreet diffuser that seems to be built into it. The rendered car is then finished with ‘Maybach’ badges as well as privacy windows all over to complete the exterior changes. Overall, we think it looks pretty awesome considering how the W177 already looks as standard.

After seeing this visual rendering, we still think that it is unlikely for Mercedes to have its compact hatchback mentioned along the same lines as a Maybach. But if such a model comes out in real life, it will make a range-topping AMG version. In fact, if you have heard of the new A45, it is supposed to carry out over 400 horsepower, with its new 2.0 liter M133 turbocharged four-cylinder making it more powerful than previous generation supercars. The A-Class sedan will be available in several drivetrain options, including the 250, 250 4Matic, as well as the AMG-fied 45.

Mercedes Benz’s brand is known for their excellence over anything else. But with this Mercedes Maybach A-Class, excellence can definitely go even further, and we aren’t complaining.

Maybach was first established in 1909, and in 1960, it was acquired by Daimler Benz. Though it was uneventful for quite some time, the name was revived in the early 2000s with the 57 and 62. Today, it is probably stronger than it ever was. If you weren’t aware, the very first Mercedes Maybach model in the new era was the W222 S-Class, which is the result of the automaker working its magic on the A217 and W463 with the limited-edition S650 Cabriolet and G650 Landaulet.

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