Modern BMW Z3 M Coupe looking classier than ever

Article by Christian A., on June 19, 2017

We may remember the BMW Z3 M Coupe from 1998, but if you never got your hands on one, it will probably just stay as a memory for you - a memory you hope would come to life again. The coupe came in a powerful 3.2 liter engine, technology that was pretty advanced for its time, and a quirky design - a classic indeed. The sad part is that the Bavarian company only built 6,000 examples of the M Coupe and it was discontinued in 2002.

It truly is an icon, being in the market for only four years, the M Coupe got a number of recognitions from different people and companies from Automobile Magazine’s “Design of the Year” award, Car and Driver’s “Ten Best”, to Richard Hammond’s list of “Icons” on Top Gear - quite impressive for a car that was only around for a few years, and up until today, people remember it. So now, imagine if the M Coupe was never discontinued. How would a present-day M Coupe look, and what features will it give?

If you have asked yourself the same question before, then you are not alone. This Finnish artist, Esa Mustonen created a rendering of a modern interpretation of the iconic Z3 M Coupe, and all I can say is that is looks pretty impressive. His take on the classic coupe combines both the classic shape that we recognize from the past, as well as current BMW cues - pretty much the best of both worlds. Mustonen’s goal was to combine modern design while injecting elements from the i performance range, focusing more on the lines of the i8 and i3.

By looking at the front fascia, you would be reminded of the CSL Hommage, and the all-new 8 Series. The artist gave it a set of LED headlights for a contemporary touch paired with the signature kidney grilled up front. To finish off the front fascia, Mustonen gets rid of the typical mesh metal grille and swaps it for a plastic covering. This design element indicates that the modern M Coupe will either have a hybrid or electric powertrain.

Just beneath the dual kidneys is a larger grille, and a pair of daytime running lights on both ends. The new wheels are looking sexy, and chrome window fixtures define the lines. The side profile keeps the iconic silhouette, but looks sleeker. There is a long sloping hood that houses the cabin, while the rear end also gets a set of modern day LED taillights, a dual exhaust setup, and an aggressive diffuser.

Overall, the modern Z3 M Coupe looks classier with a more aggressive touch, and it’s making us weep for a new version of the iconic car. If this were a real-life model, would you cop or drop?

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