This rendering of modern Ferrari 250 GTO has gotten everyone excited

Article by Christian A., on May 1, 2017

The Ferrari 250 GTO is a classic indeed. This model was produced by Ferrari from 1962 to 1964 to be used in the Group 3 Grand Touring Car category. The 250 indicates the displacement in cubic centimeters of each cylinder, while GTO stands for “Gran Turismo Omologato” (or Grand Touring - Homologated in English).

Within two years, only 39 units of the specific model were manufactured. Most of them, 33 to be specific were built within the first year, and were given the title Series I. In 1964, three units of the Series II were built with a bodywork like that of the Ferrari 250 LM, and the last three were built with a larger engine, and were called “330 GTO”.

Ferrari 250 GTO was built with front-engine V12s to dominate the 24-hour race. It is definitely a challenge to try and live up to one of the best cars in history.

Enough with history; let us get back to the present. This year, Ferrari celebrates its 70th anniversary. And we wouldn’t be shocked if the automaker introduces a supercar that is even more super than the 600-plus horsepower 812 Superfast. Its name alone indicates how powerful that model is.

The company has not mentioned anything about that yet although, we have found some renderings online that may suggest that they are building a car that is similar to the 250 GTO in some way. Could this be a tribute to the 55-year old 250 GTO? However, these images came from an individual artist and not a Ferrari designer.

The modern-day version of the company’s most iconic car was designed by Guillaume Brault, an artist, who then posted the concept on Behance. Imagine if a production version of this rendering came to life. This will be sure hit. Not only to new car enthusiasts but also for long time car collectors. What more if only a few of these were produced as a tribute to the iconic vehicle.

Brault really incorporated details that symbolizes the 250 GTO. For instance, his rendering included the three air intakes in the hood, as well as the wide rear hips. He then injects a modern design into the rest of the design - such as the capsule-like cabin that has futuristic elements like the see-through touch screens and the two-spoke steering wheel.

So, do you guys think this modern version 250 GTO would be a good design for future Ferrari models? And what sort of car do you think Ferrari will surprise us with, knowing that they are celebrating their 70th anniversary this year? Any thoughts?


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