NASA Mars Rover Concept sports a quirky design in the form of Lego bricks

Article by Christian A., on June 14, 2017

The futuristic "Mars Rover Concept Vehicle" was revealed on June 8th of this year at NASA's kickoff event held at Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex to promote its campaign "Summer of Mars". What sets the vehicle apart from other projects is that the rendered Mars Rover is made out of Lego bricks, making it cool and fun at the same time.

If our present government is as quick as Lego fans then there will be likely fewer problems that will plague us every day, not to mention a lot of awesome stuff that we can play with. After only one week after NASA bestowed us with its Mars Rover Concept, the space carrier has already been recreated with all sorts of creative media, but one creation has stood out. The creator remade the Rover into brick form and submitted his output to Lego Ideas for consideration. Lego artist RichterMat is the creator behind the project which consists of 512 bricks and has a rear opening hatch to uncover a proper lab that is like the original lab.

It even bears NASA labels with Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex badges found on the back. These badges were designed to be on the rear due to the fact that the Mars Rover Concept will never experience life on Mars. This concept was conceived to be part of the Journey to Mars exhibit to be held at the Space Center that serves as source of both excitement and inspiration for younger generation to passionately seek a career in the Sciences, and particularly in the field of Space Exploration.

There's no tiny amount of aesthetic appeal to aid the Mars Rover Concept to stand out from other space contraptions and achieve that mission, given the fact that the Rover's designers have a notable history of producing awesome vehicles and special creations targeted for Hollywood.

What really is eye-catching about this Mars Rover Lego creation is the way that visual allure is embodied in the design. The Rover's windows have a slightly brighter shade of blue compared to the original concept. We can only wish that the Lego creation could have a more noticeable slope in the front, but altogether it looks terrific. We can probably foresee that if Kennedy Space Center will put this cool creation on sale in its gift shop, it will be very popular and will be a big opportunity for both NASA and Lego to reach many people.

But for now, we don’t know yet what will be the outcome of this Lego Mars Rover Concept. Lego Ideas paved the way for fans to submit their ideas for production, and the project must acquire 10,000 supporters in 60 days before Lego will even consider producing it. As of this writing, the Lego Mars Rover Concept has garnered around 66 supporters with only 57 days left to go. That means there’s still a lot of time for the Rover to acquire more supporters.


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